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First of all I’ve got to say that I’m so so proud of them. RM himself said tonight that from 2014 MAMA till now, it took them one year to stand on this stage again. Below are some of the things that I wanted to share with the rest of the ARMYS, because they would have wanted every single one of you to spend this “historical day”-RM with them.

  • PHOTOS DON’T DO ANY OF THEM JUSTICE. I can confirm that they are 100000000000000x times more handsome irl (especially kookie and hobi)
  • Jimin is so cute and tiny, Jungkook is a good half a head taller (same height as RM)  he also slapped jimin’s butt #minkook
  • JM was the last to leave the stage, ended up lying down  the boy knows that hes goddamn attractive 7th in looks my ass hes definitely 1st in self-confidence 
  • hyungs showed their love for baby bunny maknae by pouring water on him
  • during boyz with fun Jimin’s silver ring FLEW off him and I witnessed this super agile fan catching it in mid-air. he then gave her a killer grin as if saying keep it fml park jimin i swear. how many countries did that girl save in her past life
  • We all know sexy brain RM is fluent, BUT BOY I didn’t expect the rest of them to speak in english throughout the entire concert as well ↓↓↓

Some of their Convos *I tried to be as exact as possible

  • JK: Hello I am Jungkook 
  • RM: chuckles Oh your english is very good
  • JK having trouble cutting the cake
  • JM: Jungkook how do you feel?
  • JK: (he was so flustered and spoke in korean)
  • JM: he said very good 
  • RM: (saying his thanks in korean) 
  • JM: being a lil shit he said I love Jimin
  • JH: *pouts* I have bad news. very very bad news
  • RM: what
  • JH: concert is nearing the end!
  • S: NOOOOOOOOOOOO sobs on his knees
  • precious jin stopped midway in his speech just to take out a piece of paper from his pocket and said in flawless canto I love you HK! he then reminded the rest of the members to say that as well
  • S: *makes his thank you speech*
  • V: Oh your english very easy *moves to the centre and shows off*
  • V: I never know ashfwRPGTGlk so many fan ahldfghjg THANK YOU HK
  • RM was convulsing in laughter 

They deserve some serious time to rest. I’m pretty sure that they are all sleeping on the plane right now. (I can’t believe they made them leave immediately after tho) 7 sweet n precious cinnamon rolls, too pure for this world. 


So please don’t let go,
cause you know exactlywhat we found
So please don’t let go my darling 

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of course of course i mean he's always had a long distance mama and a mama close by, its just that the people have swapped places is all




“Are you sure you won’t come with us?” Junmyeon asked, voice low and laced with concern. He knew Tao would likely be stubborn and insist on staying behind, as he had been doing so often lately, for reasons unknown to Junmyeon.
“I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Tao huffed out, sweat trickling down his face. The rest of the boys had already shuffled tiredly out of the room yearning for the comfort of their beds.
“But you’ve been practicing hard all day, you should get some rest already.” Junmyeon said with a sigh, feeling slight irritation that Tao was trying to overwork himself like this.
For some reason he’s been experiencing a strange urge to protect him lately, to comfort him, to care for him. It had been like this for a while now, if anything was ever bothering Tao, Junmyeon wanted to be there to make it better for him.
He’d tried brushing it off, yet the feeling would nag him at times, Especially when Tao would overwork himself. Although every time Junmyeon voiced his concerns, Tao would calmly repeat to Junmyeon that ‘I have to be perfect, the company is relying on me to give my best.’
Junmyeon was snapped out of his thoughts by Tao scoffing and rolling his eyes at him like he’d said something completely ridiculous. He pursed his lips at Taos’s childish actions, and decided to continue reasoning with him, or at least trying to.

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HI TAYLOR!!! I’m Sophia and I’ll be at the 1989 tour San Diego today! IM BEYOND EXCITED LIKE I BARELY SLEPT LAST NIGHT AND IM GOING TO BE BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS YOUTEAURFJNKSHSF. me and my mom and aunt becky will be dancing our butts off in section 117, row 21 in case anyone on your team wants a good laugh. if you want to hug me and meet my other aunt becky (bc of course you’re my aunt becky also) that would be cool but literallly jm just so pumped to go to my first taylor swift concert like is this real life. ok now im rambling bYE SEE YOU TONIGHT

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