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I seriously don't want to pit anyone against anyone but I reall want to know your opinion on what you think about owl's (I don't want to use her full name Coz that'll probably tag her and this means no disrespect towards her) theory about JM and RF??

I respect Owl, we talk almost daily and we agree on more things than not. We see pretty much eye to eye on Riley and Farkle. Josh and Maya is one of the only things we have significant disagreement on, but that’s OK! We respect each other’s opinions and I can always see things from her point of view, even if I don’t personally agree.

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Ive always felt they dont give V enough screen time. Its gotten better over the years but I feel as if they cut him away often! Is that just me? Maybe, (despite how he seems) hes a bit camera shy? He never says much in offical interviews.

Anonymous said: What they lack? As a group probably nothing hehe but maybe their social skills ? For example they are really really funny if it’s just them and a camera, but once other people (singers) are involved they don’t shine as much as they could, but thats probably due to their lack of experience with stuff like that

Anonymous said: their vocals are fine but they dont compare to other groups vocals. (EXO and Seventeen for example). You know those high range and stable vocals. Which I think is hard to work on because JM and JK are already probably at their best. And most vocalists in the groups I mentioned are naturally great. Other than that I think the only thing is their dance blackholes. Which is just okay since no group is perfect. Its okay tho since their strength relies in their rapping and choreo.

Anonymous said: While I love their voices and their singing, and they have improved a lot during these 3 years, I think that the vocal line lacks some vocal training and technique.

Anonymous said: maybe theyre lacking in the members having opportunities to branch out and take on different roles within the group? for example namjoon and hobi could mayb in the future have singing lines?? i want them to be a bit more experimental but they still have lots of time so yay!!! its just an idea !!hopefully that made sense <3 

Anne’s note: but they kind of sing already…i love rap lines half singing half rapping thing they do hehe

OK but i don’t get the hate on jikook? Why do people come in to other’s blogs and send them unnecessary hate whilst almost forcing them to give in and believe that Jungkook hates jimin? And i don’t get why people think that jk hates jm, yeah okay there was a time where he would push jm away AS A JOKE. Remember he was only 15 when they debuted and was painstakingly shy, making him uncomfortable to show as much affection as jm did when the cameras were rolling. But people have to honestly be blind not to see the way jk has matured and shown so much affection to his band mate. This jikook hate is honestly so tiring and old now. It’s enough.

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It’s 85F today and I feel disgusting. Too. Hot. 

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Don't you think it'll be ironic of Lucas doesn't end with either of the girls? Personally I prefer RF and JM. To me these two ships have moments that show that they understand each other. I know you 'ship' it equally but who would you prefer? LM or JM? (I hope you tell JM😜)

You are correct, I try and see things from all sides, so I can’t really tell you that I like Lucas/Maya or Josh/Maya better, I really do see it as written so that they could put Maya with either, or neither of them in the future. Which to me, signifies really great storytelling. 

I do agree that Josh and Maya understand each other. I think that Lucas and Maya understand each other a lot more than they think, but they resist it. Lucas is so against becoming “Texas Lucas” again he won’t let his “Mr. Perfect” guard down for even a second. If he did, I think that he and Maya would see the full dynamics of each others personalities and connect on a way deeper level. I mean we already see him say wonderful things about her, but he’s not at a point where he can say those things to her face, and there is reason for that. Right now, Josh can and does.  

The important thing as I have always said, is the character of Maya being happy. Josh gave her what she needed in order to make that happen, at least for now. I enjoy their dynamic and I can understand why he feels the way he does towards her and vice versa. I get where Michael Jacobs is coming from and if we get a Season 4 I can’t wait to see where he goes with it from here. 

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Do u ever wonder if jm and jk use satoori when it's just them bc it's plaguing ME

I’m sure they do! That’s why neither of them have managed to rid themselves of their dialects. Because they’re always talking to each other like that at home.

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How is the JM interaction in Girl Meets GoodBye? Many are saying it's irrelevant or something like that. Could you tell what's it about?

It’s a short scene, because the episode is going to focus on Topanga and a decision she has to make, as well as Riley and how this decision will impact her. 

And there are a ton of guest stars in this ep, so there really isn’t much time to focus on JM. 

Love Hurts Before it Satisfies

Chapter 37, Part 3 ~ Incline Village, NV ~ June 1991  **NSFW**

A/N:  Finally!  Sorry for the delay in posting this one…I really had a hard time deciding on how I’m bringing this story to a close.  I had considered adding another section, but truthfully, it adds nothing worthwhile…just an excuse for a trip and a bit more naughtiness.  The ending chapter is complete, but and I am working on getting us there.  Please be patient with me, hopefully all who like the story will stay with me!  Thanks so everyone who’s been on this (long) journey with me!  Love to hear from you, as always!  xoxo JM

“When you hear me moaning and groaning, baby…”


David woke up, thinking he heard someone in the house.  Considering the state of his guests last night, he was surprised anyone was up.

He put Winston out, pulled on shorts and a t-shirt.  Walking down the hallway, the smell of  brewing coffee lingered in the air; he found Jimmy on the sofa in the great room, clad only in a pair of jeans, toweling his hair.  

“Mornin’ Jim.  Everything all right?”

“Good Morning, David.  Yeah, yeah.  I couldn’t sleep and decided to come over, shower, and get coffee.  I hope I didn’t disturb you.”

“No, thanks for making it, actually.  I needed to get Winston out, so it’s all good.  Is Carrie still sleeping?”

“Yeah…I think she was a bit ill around 5:30, poor thing.  She most certainly overindulged last night.”

“Oh my,” David replied.  “Do you need to check on her?”

“I have.  She’s sleeping well.  The girl has no tolerance for alcohol,” Jimmy smiled, shaking his head.  “I need to do a better job of looking out for her…cutting her off!”

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Okay I had enough … How long are y'all gonna keep ignoring seokjin …. How long are you guys gonna keep seeing him as just a “face” how long are you guys gonna keep pushing him to side … How long are y'all only gonna pay attention to him when it’s convenient ….Why do you guys love to claim y'all love bts when you really just mean V , JK and JM 🤔