Your bts BF on Your Birthday! (WHOOP WHOOP ITS MY BIRTHDAY!)

Rap Monster

YOU:’’Guess what today is babe?’’

RM:*Forgets its your birthday until he remebers about his special plans ;) and the gift he bought you.*

RM:’’Its Your birthday!’’ He says yeliing it so every one in the dorm can hear.


JIN:’’WAKE UP ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!’’ He says waking you up.

YOU:’’Im awake babe.’’ 

JIN:*Attacks you in kisses and tickles trying to be extremely cute* 

JIN:’’Its your birthday so we an do what ever you want after I give you my gifts.’’ He says pulling a card and wrapped box out from behind his back.


YOU:’’Guess what today is?’’

JM:’’Your Birthday, I wouldn’t forget that.’’ He says planting kiss on your lips.

JM:’’ You get your birthday suprise*winks* later but what do you wanna do now?’’ He says slapping your ass.

YOU:’I don’t know go out?’’


J-H:’’Happy Birthday babe!’’He says.

J-H*Does a heart with his hands and plants a kiss on your cheek*


JK:’Happy birthday honey.’’He says  very innocent.

YOU:’’Thanks but what did you get me?’’ 

JK:’’Oh that a surprise for later tonight” He says winking.


*Wakes up seeing (Y/N) BIRTHDAY in bright red letters on the calendar and nervously chuckles knowing he still has to get a gift.*


V’HAPPY BIRTHDAY!I LOVE YOU!’’He says hugging you from behind!

oshawott-tho asked:

Like say you get the vaccination for measles, it is measles. Idk if its true its just what I've been told? And yeah i know it has. Im not on pamelas side xD

I’m not 100% sure, that may be true. If you want to look into how it is made look it up. Websites with “.edu” are the most trust worthy. ( or read this on how to research better )

anonymous asked:

Idk if your live in the US but isn't JM having a US tour? Will you go :o

theyre coming to the u.s. in september. but i feel like theyre only here to visit because black nut has to come anyway for the smtm concert?? im not sure. and i would love to❤ but things dont always turn out the way you want so ill have to see. hehe