jm store

married suyeol 🐰💓🐶

- ‘we came in here to buy a bookcase not look at the space themed bedding in the kids section. but yes you’re right we pay the rent so who’s stopping us getting the curtains’
- everyone thinks they must live in some stylish apartment but really it’s half studio half wasteland and every room accidentally became a hobby room
- yeol is good at flatpack furniture and jm isn’t but half the bookshelves slant and tables have legs the wrong way bc of course jm can help;;
- all of chanyeol’s Nice Shirts are just junmyeon’s work shirts two sizes larger bc jm buys them two at a time. they have occasionally turned up to events separately dressed the same
- cy proposed three times before jm said yes (first time was fancy, second was nerdy, third was a joking mention and they were both shocked when jm said yes) and he brings this story up as frequently as possible
- passive aggressively call each other husband when they’re fighting
- (call each other My Husband when they’re not
- they take separate vacations bc they have different interests but wind up missing each other so much they spend half of it glued to hotel wifi talking to each other
- 'no we can’t take home the baby you bonded with in the grocery store’
- jm only makes it to half of his work functions bc yeol physically removes him from the couch
- jm doesn’t make it to half of his work functions bc marathoning boxsets in your underwear with your husband and a pizza is work-life balance
- jm has lost his wedding ring so many times yeol agreed that he can just keep it in his wallet for sentiment
- it’s been five years and cy still can’t give head without a lot of coughs and splutters and jm has learned to find that endearing (and keep icecream in the freezer for when he inevitably complains he’s sore)
- kinda kinky mostly soft. cy’s sore back has kinda put an end to some activities. jm’s toy box is terrifying and his own business
- the sex fort. and the isolation area where all the plushies go bc yeol finds it offputting when they’re watching
- 'I wanted to get this super limited edition figure for your birthday and turns out you’re the asshole that was outbidding me for days why didn’t you tell me your username AND YOU SAID NO MORE FIGURES’
- jm flirting badly and using terrible pick up lines on yeol when they’re out on dates n yeol hiding in his hands bc he’s so happy he married this nerd but refuses to admit he still actually falls for all the awful things he says :T
- (jm: um I’m pretty sure in our wedding vows you said how funny I am–