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Question: “What’s today most memorable moment?

Jin: “I think all 7 of us will choose the same moment. The sunset moment really is…”
JH: “The sunset moment”
JK: “When taking photos during sunset and saw the sun gone off completely”
RM: “Today’s most memorable moment is the sunset”
JM: “The sunset photo in the desert is really beautiful”
Suga: “When the sunset”
V: “It’s the first time I stay in such a high class hotel”

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BTS TEXTS  (from oldest to newest)

You ate his cookies

He finds your old Wattpad account

You want to learn Korean

Jin’s Birthday

You ask him to do your make-up

You are bubbly

Bleaching Hair  

Jin forgets something important

Dogs and Cats  

Seeing J-Hope accidentally naked

Jin and dancing  

BTS as best friends confessing

You forgot your phone at his place

You eloped on vacation with JK

He asks if he is your ideal type

He gets jealous after you danced with another member

He tries to help you not bite your nails

You’re related to GD + members freak out


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