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Recent Jikook headcanons:

- kookie keeps fixing his hair bc jimin is always messing it up off-cam
- also jimin loves touching JK’s fluffy hair and vice versa
- kookie uses teasing as excuse for skinship with jm (like the arm wrestling in bon voyage)
- imagine him putting his hand against jimins while teasing him abt his smol fingers only to sneakily lock hands when no one watches
- jimim secretly loves how kookies breath hits his neck when he hovers behind him (which he does OFTEN)
- jm and jk send each other flirty texts even when they are in the same room
- sometimes jm and jk ‘accidentally’ mix up their clothes/accessories but they rly just want to have smth of the other on them
- jimin follows jk’s SNS like religion
- kookie smtimes post stuff only cuz he knows jimim will see it (lowkey confessions)
- jimin stopped scolding tae for sleeping in jm’s bed bc he uses it as excuse to snuggle into kookie’s
- when they record songs at the studio jikook makes eyecontact while singing certain lines as if singing it to each other


Faint upbeat sound fills Jensen’s ear and he pauses his reading to listen to the sound. A second later, he stands up and follows the invincible trail that leads him to his window. He sees Misha outside, speakers above his head. Misha stares at him, smiling. Jensen opens his window and the song gets louder and clearer.

“What are you doing?!”

“Jared tells me that music is a way to your heart… So…”

“And you picked this song?”

Misha chuckles. “I can’t really choose the slow ones… It doesn’t sound… Me.”