jlu:dead reckoning


Dead Reckoning main character lineup! The story and designs are still subject to change but hey, it seemed like time. DR takes place in Atlantic Canada. Bottom images are closeups. Some info from left to right:

Mina. 4′9″, 24 y/o selkie. She is searching for information on her pod after being separated from them as a teen. She meets Dawn and Brooks when she crashes an auction they are attending that is rumored to contain illegal wares.

Sullivan. 5′5″, 25 y/o human/selkie. Dawn’s half brother, related through their selkie mother. He was born with no pelt, as he was born on land. His human father was Master of the cargo ship MV Dogwood, and after their mother died, Sullivan was raised almost exclusively on the ship. Sullivan takes over after his father’s death, renaming the ship MS Mayflower. He calls her a “freelance merchant ship” and gets involved in sketchy business to search for something that he lost.

Dawn. 5′11″, 29 y/o selkie. Sullivan’s half sister, related through their selkie mother. She does have a pelt. Originally from the west coast, she moved to Nova Scotia with her mother on the MV Dogwood, where they met Sullivan’s father. She’s distrustful of him and this causes tension between the family from the beginning. She is impulsive to a fault, and prides herself as a bit of a vigilante, which gets her (and usually Brooks as well) into a lot of trouble.

Brooks. 6′2″, 28 y/o mostly-human? Brooks was born in Newfoundland and his mother quickly handed him off to an aunt. He stowed away to Nova Scotia with some cousins at a young age, and met Dawn shortly after. He doesn’t know where his non-human traits come from. He can rarely transform- only close to full moons, and only takes the form of a manatee. Dawn affectionately calls him a were-man.