I was asked to be part of an awesome JLA vs. Avengers shoot at Dragon Con this year.  LOOK AT HOW AWESOME THE JLA CREW LOOKED!  I mean seriously I can’t believe that I know these people and can call them my friends. 

Superman: Danny Kelly
Batman: Jay Tallsquall
Wonder Woman: Margie Cox
Aquaman: Rick
Martian Manhunter: Kalel Nc Sean
Green Arrow: Brian P
Zatanna: Kit B
Big Barda:  DJ Spider
Blue Beetle: Rusty
Black Canary: Heather Kelly
Vixen: Sherita
Powergirl: Caitlin
Huntress:  Gillykins


JLU - “The Once and Future Thing Part One: Weird Western Tales”


Everybody’s talking about the new Flash promo but can we just talk about how the Flash in the Justice League cartoon sat down with a villain and talked to him because they guy had stopped talking his medication and wasn’t actually evil


I don’t get why people hate Aquaman, why would you hate him? they call him an useless superhero, and not everyone talk about this episode of “JUSTICE LEAGUE”called the enemy below, but the best scene is this:

Aquaman discovers that Lord Orm, his own brother, was behind the attack. Orm takes Aquaman and his infant son and places them on a cliff over a vein of molten lava, leaving them to die. In order to save his son, Aquaman must make the terrible sacrifice of severing his own hand. 

HIS OWN HAND TO SAVE HIS SON! now tell me he is useless.