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Hello you lovely human being! Care to roleplay with Anon here? Maybe Dan and Phil or something...

I am actually terrible at rp’s and writing in general, sorry anon~ you stud muffin, you :3


Hey, Hi, Howdy and welcome to DaToOmou!  This is just my meager little tumblr designed to help me in my quest to learn Japanese.  Self-study of this beautiful language started for me about 4 years ago and though I managed to pass the (old) level 4 of the JLPT in 2009, I still suck!!!  But I’m OK with that.  Sometimes I become discouraged but somehow, I keep digging in and trekking right along.  Sometimes my life interferes something fierce with my studies, but I always manage to get right back to it.  The past few months have been, shall we say …uhm… devastating, but I’m getting back on my feet and trying to decide if I want to/should take the JLPT this year.  I’ve only got 16 days to decide, so here we go … AGAIN!!

i like non-sexual relationships, when kissing is the furthest a couple has ever gone. To me, it shows that they’re serious about their relationship and want to take things slow. The physical stuff can be great, but there is so much more to a relationship than that. You don’t need constant infatuation to be interested in one another. You’ll learn more about the person just sitting on the couch watching television. I just find it awesome to see couples who have been together for months and months, but are still strong enough to take things slow. I want that kind of relationship.