i never once doubted that a GL was in JL. I knew one would be, esp hal, hes the fucking green lantern. People freaked the fuck out and talked shit about the dceu and tbh they look ridiculous now.

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purrsuasion  asked:

i think my problem with these 'twists' is that doing these things for shock factor is still disrespectful as hell, PLUS selina already gets the short end of the stick with shitty twists (e.g. being shot in the head in that one JL comic a couple years ago) -- and for newer readers who aren't as familiar, it's more fodder to hate on her and damage the experience of readers who have been fans forever. really not cool as well if you consider she was FINALLY confirmed bi before being vilified. rip.

This is exactly what we’ve been complaining for 5 years and it’s only gotten worse. I’m tired of Catwoman being played as the “wild card”. She’s a thief. Her morals don’t always side with Batman’s, but she’s not in any way, shape, or form an inherently evil character. I never thought killing Black Mask was ooc for her, but that’s was a very particular case (and honestly after he tortured Stephanie I wanted to kill him myself) and to go from there to killing 237 people is just so absurd. Like, that’s a larger body count than Jason’s, are you kidding me? And doing all this after she was confirmed as bi?? No. I’m tired. DC won’t let me live.

p r e f e r e n c e

he likes the more temporary things:
     like wrapping me up in a mid-day nap
           rather than in full night’s sleep
he likes to go and come back:
     neither coming nor leaving on time
           and he doesn’t always like to stay


  • what you say: i'm voting third party
  • what i hear: i have a fundamental misunderstanding of how american politics work and also enough privilege to realize that my life won't be that bad should trump actually win