“i saw [ian] as [richard] dreyfuss in ‘jaws’ - that was my initial way in. he was like, 'I love sharks! I love the fuck out of sharks!’ whereas most other people are running from them. so i used that as an idea - his passion towards something. but also, let’s give him a sense of humour.  … that made him a bit more accessible and not some book-y, hyper-intelligent, socially awkward”

 - jeremy renner on his character ian donnelly in arrival


“[jeremy renner] delivers a more restrained and enigmatic performance than usual in ‘arrival’, for reasons that will become clear when you watch it. and you should, because denis villeneuve’s drama is one of the films of the year, a visually splendid picture that skilfully weaves an alien invasion into a smaller human story of love, loss and sacrifice.”

 - andy lee, daily star