jlo make up

rubyrose: My exceptionally talented and beautiful friend @ireneroth has beyond exceeded my expectations in her first collection @rdrothcollection … Her hard work and attention to detail has me head over heels with not only her clothes but her dedication to pursue her passion.. And thank god for that because now I know who I’ll call for all my upcoming movie premieres haha… Can I order 10 @ireneroth … You are a super star. ❤️ p.s I was totally jealous @jlo had your whole collection first but you know.. It’s JLO and this suit makes up for it haha


If you have seen the latest album cover visual uploaded by JLo on her instagram, then check out my latest tutorial! It’s inspired by that cover.

Tha album cover is amazing, so I just had to do tutorial on the makeup.  
All products used are listed in the description bar. 
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