Out Now!! My last story for @grazia_fr that I shot in the #DominicanRepublic with the beautiful @juanaburga_official and #JLo the Iguana!
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I guess Jenny forgot which Block she was supposed to be from, the one with all the Black folks who supported her non-singing ass for having Janet Jackson/Keenan Ivory Wayans stamp of approval. 

I mean, c’mon girl, we let you say “nigga” beside JaRule and only moderately dragged you for it and then you have the audacity to go all Colorblind Dismissiveness to the community that helped prop up your aggressive mediocrity for the past two decades.

She deleted it quickly.  But unfortunately the Internet is forever.  I’d rather see a retraction with a side of explanation and a healthy dose of apology over a delete, as if nobody saw it.  Yes girl, we saw it.  Now explain yourself and let us know that you actually realize the error of your ways and aren’t just trying to minimize the damage real quick.