Yesterday he called and said, “Let’s go.” I replied with, “Why not?” Just like that. Movie night Wednesday night and then off we go. San Francisco. 

“Let’s find a place where we can open that bookstore of yours." 

It’s great looking through planners/moleskines/journals and reading what I’ve written from days or weeks or months back. This is from last month’s planner. Friday, January 20th. I was with him the entire day/night and I wanted to tell him I love you for the first time. I wasn’t planning to. It just sort of took over. It being, you know, that overwhelming feeling. I knew I had to tell him that same day somehow. I just didn’t know how or when or where exactly to tell him. I got pretty buzzed that night. I wrote this in my planner the next day. The next couple of days, I drove myself crazy thinking about him and us and how much I adore him (and for the record: so much). Over dinner Tuesday night the following week he said, “I can tell you love me too.” I chuckled. He can read me so, so, so well. 

I wasn’t planning
When I fell in love with you
‘Twas all impromptu

I told him I love you later that night. 

  • Need my M83, Fleet Foxes, Sigur Ros, etc right now. His iPod makes for a great workout playlist though. 200 sit ups done. Cardio after this. 
  • Got my loan disbursements. Still need to purchase Spring 2012 parking permit. 
  • Been waking up early every day this week thus far. Wake up -> German podcast / news / music in the background while getting ready. Routine. I just want to brush up on verbs and maybe read some before the first day back. 
  • Had a blast with my favorite German major yesterday. 
  • JL/LJ tomorrow. I’d tell you more about us, dear Tumblr, but I’d rather journal it.