Twice bonding with other girl groups at ISAC~ ♡♔


momo backhugging mina (ノ゜ω゜)ノ


I propose a new religion: Sana getting jealous. I livvveeee for that shit.

BONUS: Sana’s priceless expressions

“Bitch the fuck” “Cute? I’ll show you cute tf” “I didn’t come to Switzerland for this” 

“You’ll see wtf is up when we get home” “You ain’t getting away from this one fs” “You’ll regret it when we get back to korea kiddo”

Pls stop hurting her like this Dahyun


Sana comforting Dahyun when she’s nervous saying whatever pops into her head makes her the absolute best girlfriend, your otp could never. This is the cutest shit I’ve seen since Lisa debuted.

Also literally everything that came out of Sana’s mouth in this episode was gay can she control herself pls.