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Critics if John Constantine smokes in JLD: Ugh, how disgusting of DC to promote such an unhealthy habit! Critics if he doesn't: Ugh, did DC really ignore this huge, incredibly important character trait?!?!?!

And what kind of name is “John” anyway? Who would name their child John? Ugh so unrealistic ½ a star.

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Do you think Raven can/will be at last mentioned in the movies? Maybe in JLD?

I’m certain we’re getting Raven at some point. Introducing demons into the DCEU basically guarantees that she’ll appear. Geoff Johns is also a big fan of the Teen Titans. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s name dropped in Justice League Dark.

Doug Liman to Direct ‘Dark Universe’ Film for DC, Warner Bros. (EXCLUSIVE)
Doug Liman is set to direct the Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment adaptation of “Dark Universe” — a.k.a., “Justice League Dark.” Scott Rudin and Guillermo del Toro are…
By Justin Kroll

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Oh, for crying out loud! It looks like a Justice League Dark live-action film might be back on the cards with Edge of Tomorrow’s director Doug Liman has been attached to the project, seemingly leaving the lost-stalled Gambit film to do so.

News about a JLD film has been knocking about for years at this point, with an original concept by the name Dark Universe having Guillermo del Toro attached for a time, before his dozens of other projects lead to him leaving the movie.

With the announcement of an animated Justice League Dark film, with Constantine’s Matt Ryan reprising his roll as DC’s main non-Zatanna magician, it was assumed that WB had abandoned the live-action version of project, but with the potential hiring of Liman, this might not be the case.

Whether this thing actually gets made is another things entirely though. Although, the seeds for it WERE sown in Suicide Squad of all places, what with Enchantress saying how magic was coming back into the world, in addition to ARGUS (one of DC’s SHIELD equivalents) seemingly having a department set up to study and use magic (hence Waller being able to control Enchantress initially).

ARGUS plays a pretty significant role in the JLD comic in the beginning, whether this carries over or not remains to be seen.