JLawr’s biggest fan and best friend.

She’s been my spirit animal ever since I saw her interviews for The Hunger Games, but at this point she’s far too fantastic as a human being to be a spirit animal. I’d say more, but this isn’t about Jennifer, it’s about Andy (and he’s adorable D;; <3 his collection is INTENSE!) So enjoyyy and get your Kleenex ready because it’s heartwarming and awesome and ; A ; <3


Amy Schumer Jokes That Pal Jennifer Lawrence Makes Her Feel Like A “Monster”

“I know you guys look at me and you’re like, ‘You’re a comedian, you’re a model,’” she quipped during Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy Festival. “I seriously am always like, 'Am I fucking gorgeous?’ And then I became friends with Jennifer Lawrence and I was like, 'Nope!’

“I’m a monnnnster!,” she belted out. “I just feel like I’m in the movie Twins, and I’m Danny DeVito when I’m with her.”