Because its almost over

So even though this year wasn’t all positive i still want to acknowledge all the amazing/positive stuff that did happen this year :) Because I keep seeing people posting that 2012 sucked and well i mean at times it did it still wasn’t all bad and there’s always a positive 

(this is mostly for myself b/c i want to list all the good stuff from this year and so ya srry if it bores you)

  • starting and finishing the hunger games trilogy
  • jen and joshy interviews <3 
  • thg movie
  • finding tumblr
  • becoming friends with someone really close to me now
  • going around in a cardboard car for class
  • joshy movie marathon (yes i did that judge me)
  • going to the midnight premiere of the
  • finding josh and becoming obsessed with him
  • grant gustin and being obsessed with him glad you came him singing it omg 
  • jennifer lawrence 
  • making jv
  • becoming aware of andrew garfield’s hotness
  • reading divergent 
  • reading insurgent
  • veronica roth’s blog (omg that sounds so creepy but she gives us updates and news and awesome songs and those playlist things omg)
  • meeting veronica roth
  • being introduced to imagine dragons 
  • buying the imagine dragons album 
  • getting into fan fiction 
  • becoming better friends b/c of fandoms (like my divergent buddy) 
  • all the awesome fun., imagine dragon, panic! at the disco, script, etc. music people have shown me
  • getting my license
  • breaking dawn part 2 movie fun (even though i sobbed and it killed me and ill never get over)
  • getting a car
  • singing I would walk 500 miles and other car songs jams with my wiser
  • my sweet sixteen
  • the legend-wait for it- tshirt i got
  • how cute nph’s family is
  • this list is getting tedious
  • getting dudes into chick flicks
  • clapton don’t dance
  • fat amy
  • gifs
  • listening to speak now after 2 years … ? oops and red yay oh no the bullet points
  • omg that attractive dude emma showed me argh can’t remember his name 
  • this wasn’t supposed to be this long
  • any hg interview or mall tour thing omg unscripted or mtv 
  • gary ross
  • my hair is actually kind of long
  • wow this list is getting …….
  • awesome blogs
  • making a tumblr
  • catching fire set photos
  • now i like big bang!
  • shamy
  • all the fandoms I’m in 
  • all my new otps
  • john green’s awesomness
  • finding new youtubers (dan, phil, jenna marbles, cass jay tuck) 
  • all my amazing followers
  • paris earrings!
  • skyping!ovvoing chatting all cool like
  • this cardigan is comfy ooh necklace 
  • the end of sophomore year
  • course notes
  • strong independent black woman
  • hairstyling in study hall
  • modern family in study hall
  • competing 
  • making a team peeta shirt 
  • making a divergent shirt
  • all my fandom shirts
  • all my fandom everything
  • ya that should cover it 
  • FANDOMS oops did i say that OH WELL its gotten me through tough times and always gave me something happy 
  • finally getting to use my keychains
  • picture a day challenge 
  • that himym episode 
  • himym in general
  • gLee in general
  • new tv shows i found 
  • everything in general
  • getting amazing teachers
  • going on awesome trips 
  • jet skiing
  • seeing elf
  • i should stop
  • the big bang tiara moment
  • new friends or becoming better friends
  • this was supposed to be in order oops
  • that picture of joshy with jen’s nephew omg precious
  • fandom bumper stickers!
  • the josh hutcherson song lots of ladies wanna kiss you b/c you’re handsome
  • jared padalecki song
  • jlawl again srry
  • starting supernatural
  • finding all these books and shows i need to watch now
  • wow this list is longer than i thought it was gonna be
  • my amazing friends and family!!! :D <3 
  • seeing silver linings playbook! (yesterday omg) 
  • getting the breaking dawn albums 
  • oh! and i forgot and its 2013 now whatever i thought of it in 2012 …. mastering the katniss braid 
  • amazing host trailer and 
  • catching fire teaser

and there’s prob more but I’m lazy and this is good 

I’m sorry this is boring but

basically…. there was some good stuff in 2012 (hahah mostly fandom stuff but what are u gonna do)  I’m not that interesting and i count entering a fandom as good (even though I sometimes    always drown in feels and sob and ummm sooo ummm ya! idk im srry this is mostly for myself b/c i wanna show myself how this year didn’t suck and i should be grateful and hopefully this helps someone else see positivity or idk but  HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! and even if 2012 wasn’t that great for u or what u wanted it to be theres 2013!! and ill prob just be reblogging away as always but u know umm ya ok this is really long longer than i intended ok I LOVE YOU ALL!!! AND I WAS GONNA PUT THE GIF BUT OMG THAT REQUIRES EFFORT AND THAT MAKES ME SOUND REALLY LAZY FINE wow omg this is long like really long srry see this year wasn’t bad self yay omg wow i need to stop 

and now for some random gifs b/c why not 

and then i was gonna add that dummy gif here but i can’t find it b/c of reasons and so but you’ve all prob seen it so u know the one with the mannequin ok see ya

and my sheldon smile froze but look awww

NPH <3