jlaw: winter's bone


Congratulation on you third Oscar nomination, Jennifer Lawrence!

“I have never studied acting, yet the very first time I went for an audition and did a cold reading, I surprised everyone with my honesty and transparency. They told me that I could play any part, because I do not have walls, I do not place obstacles between myself and the character I have to play”. 


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♌ Jennifer Lawrence || August 15th, 1990

“I think I auditioned twice in L.A. [for Winter’s Bone], and then they went back to New York ’cause that’s where they were based, and then I found out that they didn’t think I looked right for the part. So I — like a psycho — thought, ‘I’m gonna chase you to New York on a red-eye,’ so I did, and I showed up, and I think the red-eye plus the walking, like, twelve blocks in the sleet and snow, added up to me definitely looking right for the part. And I think by the time I got there they were probably just so terrified of me—that I flew all the way there — that they were like, 'We better hire her because I’m afraid she’s gonna sleep outside my house!’[x]


Jennifer Lawrence’s Filmography.

  Garden Party (2008)

  The Poker House  (2008)

  The Burning Plain  (2008)

  Winter’s Bone  (2010)

  Like Crazy  (2011)

  The Beaver  (2011)

  X-Men: First Class  (2011)

  The Hunger Games  (2012)

  House at the End of the Street  (2012)

  The Silver Linings Playbook  (2012)

  The Falling  (2013)

  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  (2013)