jlaw: the poker house


I gravitated toward the scripts, and when I met each of the female directors that I worked with — Jodi, Debra and Lori — we just kind of hit it off.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence directed by women filmography:

The Poker House dir. Lori Petty (2008)
Winter’s Bone dir. Debra Granik (2010)
The Beaver dir. Jodie Foster (2011)
Serena dir. Susanne Bier (2014)


I remember when I was ten somebody gave me a diary for a present. But I felt like it was too late, so I didn’t write in it. Too much had already happened. So, it wouldn’t be the whole story. I feel that way again, and I’m fourteen. Nobody’d believe it. Ain’t nobody to tell. A girl falls in the city, but nobody sees it. Did it happen?

The Poker House (2008)