Jennifer Lawrence is a special girl. She inspires. She influences lives. She CHANGES people for the better. She doesn’t even realize how she’s affected my life. She’s saved me. Through her words, she has saved me. And that’s a lot for one person to do, and I know I’m not the only one who’s been saved. She is amazingly talented. Her hair shines radiantly. No matter if it’s long, shoulder length, or just dang short, she looks good with it all. Her eyes sparkle with beauty in every picture. Her smile is so sweet and touching. She isn’t stick thin, she’s gorgeous and beautiful. She’s tall, and strong. Jennifer Lawrence has taken the world by storm, and thank god. It’s finally time for her to shine through all the scary darkness that is Earth. She has shown a new light that can be followed, and looked up to.
I love Jennifer Lawrence. Please, just take a look at her, and the story comes through.