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I took no time out of my day to search for your weird blog. I was scrolling through the Jennifer Lawrence tags because I was looking for a specific gif and came across Tumblr search results, which is where I saw this obvious cry for attention. And I love how you could address NONE of the legitimate comments I made, but could only try to attack me further because you don't have a leg to stand on. You're either a bitter teenager, come from an unhappy family, are a sociopath, or all three.

Okie dokie lets chat then. Jennifer Lawrence is not a role model, and my blog is meant to bring up the things she does that her fans constantly sweep under the rug. I’ll get back to that in a moment. The only way you would have found my blog would be to go through either the “anti jlaw” tag or the “anti jennifer lawrence” tag. Don’t like seeing it? Don’t go looking for it, not that difficult a concept. Moving on, here’s a list I’ve compiled and posted several times showing a few of the reasons she isn’t a role model.

  • She made a joke about rape. “I pulled out my rape scream for you.”
  • She’s mocked the physical appearance of Christian Bale and Val Kilmer. “I finally get to kiss Christian Bale and he’s fat! He’s Fatman not Batman!” Because girls weight is off limits, but mens weight is fair game, apparently.
  • She’s mocked mental illness. “By the way, you [Jesse Esienberg] are the most interesting person. I was in the dressing room going ‘I want weird quirks!’ …That’s so cool! He can’t step on the floor!” Jennifer Lawrence speaking directly to Jesse Eisenberg about his OCD on the Jay Leno show.
  • She’s erased the sexuality of her character and equated it to a lesbian phase.
  • She mocked shy people for making her feel uncomfortable. “Oh, I can’t stand shy people. Like, make it up already. Ask about the weather, don’t stare at your plate and make me feel like I’m making you uncomfortable!”
  • She’s claimed that acting is stupid.
  • She mocked the death of animals and stated “..Screw PETA..”
  • She’s a misogynist, because apparently girls can’t be strong if they aren’t men. “…She kind of grows into it. And she’s strong, like a male hero with a vagina.” - Jennifer Lawrence on the character of Katniss.
  • She used the word “d**ey” to describe how she enjoyed sports when she was younger.
  • Doesn’t everyone love a little bit of transphobia? “I’d never met a cat where you assume first it’s a boy. Because dogs are boys and cats are girls. But she has such a masculine energy that everybody always says ‘he’ and for the first week I thought it was a boy. I named her Oliver. She had a collar with Oliver. Just boy, boy, boy. And that just got weird for a cat. So we call her Chaz Bono.” - Jennifer Lawrence being even ruder than before while have a very skewed perspective on animals.

So once again, get the fuck out of here with your noise.