jlaw edit

so i’ve seen some questionable shit in fanfic/fan art in regards to jack and bitty’s height difference and as someone who is Short™ it’s bothering me more than it should… so just to visualize their height difference w/a pop culture example (that was relevant like 5 years ago yikes): Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson

Josh is 5ft7 so roughly bitty’s height, maaaaybe half an inch taller depending on who you ask (bitty vs. his mom)

Liam is 6ft3 so he’s 2 inches taller than jack zimmermann

and here’s what they look like together:

caveat: i’m not gonna pretend like i know anything about the builds of a hockey player or a figure skater, i’m just looking at this in terms of height. (also yes, i am aware, liam is slouching a bit in the second two but i think that first pic is a good representation.)

EDIT: I hope I am making it clear that even these pictures exaggerate the height difference because Liam is 2 inches taller than Jack. This was just the best IRL example I could find.

ANOTHER EDIT: JLaw is 5ft9, an inch shorter than shitty. i’m not going to post pictures of the trio but if you look it up, that should give you a general idea of how jack, shitty, and bitty look together. be sure to take into account that jen is wearing heels in most of the pictures on google, so she’s probably an inch or two taller than shitty in those pictures. 

Also, I often see bitty as being much closer in height to lardo than to jack when he is in fact more in the middle, closer in height to lardo by an inch (6.5 inch difference between jack and bitty, 5.5 inch difference between lardo and bitty. please call me out if i did that math wrong bc i can’t even do basic calculations.) regardless if those specifics are wrong, bitty is definitely not as close in height to lardo as he is often portrayed.