jl: tfp

I’m actually stuck between the two fandoms, I’m a big fan of both, but realistically, Sherlock isn’t going to be erased by Transformers tag-wise. I felt that Transformers had a say on having this tag because they’ve been here for so long—people will make the argument Sherlock’s been around since 1880 we were here first,but that was the Sherlock made by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this new Sherlock that everyone is actually talking about came out in 2010 or so, Transformers Prime also started in 2010, but Sherlock has only wanted the tag very recently, Transformers has been using the tag for SEVEN YEARS NOW, I just don’t see the use of taking a tag that’s already spiraling around. It’s already kind of difficult to find things from the show, both official and fan-made, without a fandom–which is currently larger and a lot more aggressive—taking the tag. That’s why I did the challenge.