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BTS I Backstage at the AMAs


BTS On Getting Compared To The Backstreet Boys & One Direction | Access Hollywood


More excerpts from the interview with Itsuki


I: He really likes the movie, “Your Name”. He got into it so much that he would rewatch it over and over again. At this point, I think he’s watched it almost ten times.


I: We played table tennis a while ago. I was a lot better at it, and I beat him by having more points than him. The next time we played, he had improved drastically somehow. From what I’ve heard, he went back to the table tennis place a couple of times to practice. He really hates losing.


BTS Backstage at The AMAs

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hi! can we watch the episode or whatever it was where taron was on conan o brien with the golden circle cast or no? i was wanting to see where i could but i don't know.. thanks

I unfortunately don’t have a link to the full episode, but a few of the clips are online – honestly, you aren’t really missing much without the full episode. I’d say these clips are pretty much the bulk of their appearance. 

Questions interviewers could ask BTS

1. We heard you guys were also attending college, how does that work? I️ know there are things like online classes, but do you have to go to the college at least once for testing?

2. The love yourself campaign, has it help change the way of your outlook on your own personal lives?

3. What song is most meaningful to you out of your albums?

4. We want you to know, your army don’t want you to feel pressured to release an English album and that we love your music as it is. I️ day this because we watch interviews where they continuously ask if you would do that.

5. Do you have any personal goals with music? Also what about outside of doing music?

6. Have any of you had any personal growth?

7. Does j-hope plan on choreographing an entire dance for a future song?

These are all I️ could think of, but feel free to add more. I’m pretty sure us fans can do a better job than asking the same questions repeatedly. I’m not a journalist, but at least the questions can be unique.

Robert Pattinson kept the host of Vulture Fest in stitches during his conversation with her today at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. I don’t think it’s possible to be more charming or amusing than Rob, and it looks like she and the audience agree with me. 

Brief video here

Vulture Festival‏Verified account @vulturefestival

Can you tell we’re having a GOOD TIME with #RobertPattinson at #VultureFestival?


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