Remember the people that have helped you along the way, there is no way you always fought the good fight on your own. 

I am greatly indebted to many other artists, photographers, models and individuals in my life. Whether they have assisted me financially, mentally, spiritually or just in making good art and keeping me going during some of what would be the darkest years of my life. 

Thank you all, every last one of you. My life has taken a turn for the better and I will be the first to say. It has to get darker before you can see the light. 

Good thoughts and feelings for you all. 

JL Joseph Beaulieu 

Experience the Art of JL Joseph Beaulieu Photography as he joins five bands, seven runways and 30 visual artists in one evening as 

RAW: natural born artists presents KALEIDOSCOPE.  

Thursday, June 27th, 2013.  Doors 8pm.  $15 online, $20.00 at the door.  Follow this link for your tickets while they are still available:  


Lit Ultrabar 460 n. 2nd st Philadelphia PA 19123.