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Other than Aquaman, who has DC racebent? Actually, DC has less representation that Marvel in general, has less females in general, and less female friendly relationships. So stop hating on Marvel.


we’re talking about the current dccu and mcu, okay lets all make this clear. we’re not talking about the representations in the dc and marvel comics.

so: who has marvel racebent? answer: heimdall. that’s it since nick fury doesn’t count. heimdall, has been in 2 movies and is a secondary character.

who has DC racebent? mercy graves, perry white, aquaman, deadshot..mercy graves & perry white are secondary characters too. aquaman and deadshot aren’t. aquaman gets his own movie, deadshot is on the suicide squad which gets its own movie too.

now lets move on. how many characters has marvel white wash? i can think only of scarlet witch and quicksilver right now. two superheroes who are part of the avengers.  (update) : thanks to some people who also told me that marvel whitewashed the mandarin… 

who has dc whitewash? i cant think of anyone right now i dont think they have whitewashed anyone in the current dccu

now more. how many movies has marvel had so far? 10, including the hulk movie. how many of those movies had a poc lead? 0. woman lead? also 0

lets move on to dc. how many movies has dc’s current cinematic universe have so far? ONE. how many poc lead movies? 0. how many female lead movies? 0. so basically. 0/1. mhhhhhhhh. 

how many movies is marvel planning to do in the future? 11 (excluding anything with spider man yet). so basically marvel has 21 movies. how many of these movies have a female lead? 1!!!! 1/21!!!! how many of marvels movies has  a poc lead? also 1!!!!! 1/21 WOWW 

how many movies has dc planned (excluding JL dark bc we dont know anything about this yet)? 10. so basically dc has 11 movies. how many female lead movies does dc will have? 1. so 1/11. how many poc lead movies? 2. and maybe even 3 considering we dont know which green lantern we will get which makes it 2/11. still not much but more than marvel has. 

so basically DC has 3 out of 11 movies with female or POC leads in 11, while marvel has 2 out of 21. 

here are two charts.

wow. marvel is so good in representation!!!

considering they pushed back black panther & captain marvel’s release date to the next year even though they were marvel only and first poc and female lead movie to make place for the spider man movie.

“DC has less females in general”

of course they have. DC has only one movie so far. dc has only have one main woman so far??? because they’ve only had ONE MOVIE SO FAR.

 DC also has suicide squad which is the first origin team superhero movie to include more than ONE woman on the team. it also has amanda waller a black woman having a big role.

avengers? nope. guardians of the galaxy? nope. justice league? nope. fantastic four? nope. but suicide squad has it and it’s coming already in 2016, basically next year.

you cant even compare marvel to dc because marvel has almost 10 more movies than DC. and even if you’d compare them, marvel studios has less representation which is kind of sad and weak

so next time you say “dc hasnt racebent anyone and marvel is better in its representation” check your information and sources because i know my stuff.

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thanks loves! ok so I dont get why thor ragnarok is getting more hype than JL. Ragnarok is a dark story in the comics and they have turned it into a CGI comedy. JL needs to be good, we cant have another Suicide Squad or sadly Thor and freaking Star Wars coming out a month after JL are gonna crush it. Good luck Ezra! Pray to the speedforce

I think he will do perfect ♥️

DCnu 52: All Star Western #2, JL Dark #2, GL New Guardians #2, Teen Titans #2, and Stormwatch #3

Wow! That’s a lot i’ve got to review this week… I should have probably skipped last week’s issues this week, but i have things I would like to say about last weeks issues and if I didn’t review them I’d only be doing Stormwatch.

First things first, I’m dropping Statc Shock from my list of things to buy and read. I picked up the first issue because, I was a fan of the show and I had heard that it was supposed to be really good. The first issue was pretty good. Then I bought the second… and well…. I just couldn’t get into it. The writing wasn’t paced very well and it felt like an eternity trying to get anything to happen. The art was still fantastic and it is still a pretty decent series, but I’ve just got to drop it, because I’m just not very interested in what is going on. The writing just can’t keep me invested. So, I’m dropping it.

All Star Western #2

Now back in September I raved about how amazing this series was, with the art being absolutely fantastic creating the mood and setting up the city visually, and the writing being superb. Well, last week’s issue of All Star Western something unfortunate happened… the amazing art quality took a bit of a dive.  The art in this issue, while still good, was lacking in the qualities that had made issue 1’s art so incredible. It was too clean, and lacked the same gritty feel that was created in the previous issue, giving Gotham City the dirty feel that gives the reader the impression that this City has been corrupt since the founder’s first broke ground. Issue 2’s art was too clean, that had too much of a rubbery feel to it, and was unable to create the same mood as the previous issue.

It was still pretty good art, just unable to create the same sense of mood that the first issue had. But I think this may be a time issue, not an art issue. Because there are places in the comic where you can see that the artist was trying to do the same thing as in the first issue, but fell short. So I’m really thinking that this is a problem occurred because the artist just ran out of time and wasn’t able to finish, and bring the art up to the same quality as before.

The writing is still fantastic, and moves very well, with the action is still being as engaging as the first issue was. So if you ignore the slight fall in the art quality then you’ll still enjoy it. Definitely going to keep reading All Star Western.

Justice League Dark #2

Still amazing, the art and writing is still fantastic, moving very well all through out, even in the more wordy parts. I really don’t have much to say about this issue.

Green Lanturn: New Guardians #2

I actually picked this one up on accident. I had flipped thought the first issue, and was surprised to find, that while I’m a big Green Lantern fan I wasn’t interested in reading about Kyle and his fighting Care Bears. And surprise, surprise i wasn’t really interested in this issue either. It’s just kind of boring, especially now that Kyle has a ring from every Lantern Corps and was accepted into EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! I like Kyle, I really do, but this series is really starting to turn him into a Gary Stu…

Teen Titans #2

I’m having a lot of fun with this series, the writing moves well and the art is starting to grow on me, even with the slight Lifeild-ian influence that it seems to have. Cassie is a BAMF and Tim is still awesome. Skitter may prove to be an interesting character, especially if Tim can get her to de-Hulk. And I’m really liking the tie in with Superboy. So far this series has really surprised me with just how good, and fun, it really is.

Stormwatch #3

This issue was so much fun.The writing was great, and the action was awesome.

Jack, the guy who can talk to cities, may be becoming my favorite team member. And I love the representations of the cities of Paris, Metropolis, and Gotham, in anthropomorphic forms, they really seemed to capture the essence of the cities. Well Metropolis and Gotham, not so sure about Paris, but her design was really pretty.

DCnu 52: Teen Titan #1 Justice Leage Dark #1

So I got JL: Dark and the new Teen Titans this week, I was going to get Aquaman and Allstar: Western as well, but the comic shop was out of AllStar Western and upon flipping through Aquaman… how to put this… I wasn’t interested any more. The art was nice but from the quick flip threw that I did it just didn’t catch my interests. Sorry Aquaman fans.

Teen Titans #1

Originally, during August, when I was going through the DCnu 52 titles list and preview art, I wasn’t really sure if wanted to buy it, and spend money on something, that at the time, was turning me off due to character design. It wasn’t until I got Superboy #1 that decided to give it a try. And I’m kind of glad I did.


Lets start with what I didn’t like first. My main complaint is Red Robin’s “swan-queen” wings, they just bother the heck out of me. Although, I will say they look more practical than Damian’s…

Tim’s wings

Damian’s wings

At least they actually look like he could use them to glide…

My other problem involves the cover…

Now they actually used a different cover than the the one that they originally previewed, and honestly I like this one better, it doesn’t feel as crowded as the original.

The Old

The New

see the difference, and yes that is me my scanner isn’t working. Not nearly as crowded and Tim doesn’t look like he’s trying to land on Kon’s shoulder. What I’m not liking, however, are all the extra characters littered in the group shot, who are not in the issue, some of whom I can’t even recognize! I understand that this is a beginning issue and that the world is being established, but I don’t know who some of these characters are. If you aren’t going to tell me who they are then why are they on the cover. Also the smokey-cloud girl, I think she gets a cameo, but I still have no clue who she is. If anyone of you does know her name please tell me. Thanks


Now for what I did like…

The writing moved pretty well, with the majority of the issue from Tim’s point of view, surprisingly his internal monologue is less wordy than Superboy’s. Like noticeably so. He also gets a crowning moment of awesome where he’s been tracked down by N.O.W.H.E.R.E and jumps out of his penthouse while giving a countdown and blowing it up. It was actually pretty cool it kind of made me like the wings, just a little still not sold on the whole swan-queen look.

Cassie was also pretty bad ass. She started out a little bratty, and annoying, but when push came to shove she will kick your ass! Also don’t call her Wondergirl…

Superboy shows up at the end, Red is there, and is incredibly reluctant to let the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. guy get his hands on him.  I’m liking her more and more…

But What I’m finding particularly interesting is the Cape-hate vibe that I’m getting from the normal people in this issue. It reminds me a lot of the way the normal people in the Marvel universes treat most of their Caped heroes, with special emphasis on all mutants. Now I’m not sure if it’s just because these are teen heroes and their inexperience is causing people to believe that they are more of a nuisance than anything else. But it’s an interesting path for DC to go down, especially since the normal people in DC, historically, have seemed to be more tolerant toward Capes than in Marvel, they may not love vigilantism in DC and have been out spoke against it at times, but they have always been pretty tolerant toward the costumed heroes, for the most part. However, something about this feels a little differant, and I can’t put my finger on it as to why…


I’d recommend buying it, if you are following Superboy, because they do tie into each other. The writing is pretty good and moves very well for an introductory issue, with very little exposition. Show don’t tell, was definitely used on this one. The art actually isn’t that bad, still has a bit of a Liefeld-ian feel to it, but the more I read the easier it was to get over.

Have to leave to go to work I’ll post the critique of JL:Dark later, sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.