The Batkids in the car with Bruce: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!
Bruce: Sorry kids, we have food at the Manor.
The Batkids in the car with Diana: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!
Diana: *pulls into drive-thru*
The Batkids: [cheering]
Diana: One black coffee.
The Batkids in the car with Clark: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!
Clark: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!

jl spoilers ahead

man guys the theme of unity through forced assimilation vs unity through choice and the strengths in our differences was SO GOOD and i’m so sad it wasn’t fully realized in the film bc that is EXACTLY the story we need from our biggest most important mythology right now and bc that would have been the PERFECT story to ressurect superman for and thus the perfect third film in the trilogy

I feel like I’m missing something. People who have seen Justice League: did Superman have his shirt and jacket on when the team put him in the liquid in the spaceship? Because, I don’t remember if he did or not, and it’s left me wondering what happened to his fucking shirt. Like, the alternative to him just ripping off his shirt when he was resurrected is the team thinking it would be best to just take off his shirt even though it would really serve no purpose other than to show off Henry Cavil’s chest, which is a little creepy.

Someone please help me


I want people to stop saying that Justice League was the greatest movie ever. You’re just lying to yourself. It wasn’t there was many flaws. It was overall an OKAY movie. Not the best. Wonder Woman will always be the best DCEU film. Many plot holes, characters just being thrown together out of nowhere not enough story behind them. I didn’t find Steppenwolf to be the greatest villain either for being Darkseid’s uncle he should have been more memorable. You can also tell many scenes were cut.

the arc of batman in justice league and the dceu (long post)

basically person i was talking to found batman in jl “really lame” and while i’m not a fan of whedon’s work on it, i still had a lot to say about batman’s arc thematically and why i think his portrayal as Not The Most Physically Badass Ever is appropriate. long post under the cut

okay so i hesitate to make much comment at all about justice league because i firmly believe that the version of batman that joss whedon wrote is incredibly out of character with the character that snyder set up in bvs, and thus his actions make a lot less sense without snyder’s dialogue to reflect the follow up from his arc in bvs.

batman’s role in this movie, the way i see it, is in being the one to unite the league - superman couldn’t have been the one to unite the league, because he himself is the inspiration, it would be out of character of him to push others to risk their lives in that way, and as someone who overpowers all of them, it’s not his right to ask those less powerful to risk themselves when he himself has no risk of being hurt. 

wonder woman retreated from the world, and she doesn’t have the experience of humanity that bruce does. it’s incredibly relevant that bruce, as the most human, the most vulnerable of the trinity, is the one to be inspired so deeply by superman, so profoundly affected by superman that even a man so used to working alone, so unfamiliar with trying to rally a team, would be the one to realise the importance of working together in the name of protecting humanity and living up to superman’s mandate

his realisation, inspiration, and gradual openness to cooperation is a satisfying and logical conclusion to his arc in bvs,  which stems from him losing sight of his original goals, then realising his own lack of perspective, and coming around to realise the goodness superman possessed, only to lose him to a sacrifice that only confirmed how purely good superman was.

batman regrets his own lack of perspective deeply, and only after superman’s death does he realise the magnitude of his actions in opposing superman. superman’s death is in no way his fault, but to bruce, it certainly feels that way. and he gets wind of an enormous threat that is approaching, and he can’t help but blame himself for the fact that superman isn’t there. so he’s the one to push to create the league, to reach out to the other heroes.

but at the same time, he’s been a hero for twenty years, and he has the weapons, training, and experience to be helpful, but he’s human and he’s ageing and he won’t be able to do this forever, but in creating the league he’s managed to find the answer he was looking for: “twenty years in gotham, alfred, and what are we left with?” it’s the end of his arc. anything else is just building on that dream.

where am i going with this? well, basically the point is that, batman’s role in this movie was the creator and founder of the league - it’s his inspiration by superman that creates this team of superheroes. he’s not there to Be The Best Hero Ever - that’s the job of the other characters. besides that, it’s good enough that he has twenty years in gotham and his billions of dollars to show for it: his cool gadgets, his adaptable weapons and vehicles, his smooth operations with alfred, his access to funds and technology

if you look at it logically, the way comic books writers and shows have conveniently written around the fact that bruce is supposed to not have powers by downplaying the powers of those around him when he’s fighting, or giving him unrealistic skill sets. it’s fine if used sparingly but in a universe like the dceu, it’s more plausible that they let the other characters flaunt the full extent of their powers, while allowing batman to be cool, but not ridiculously so, and hugely significant in a different way

we’ve already seen that he’s capable of being BADASS AF in a batman way: the warehouse scene, brooding on the rooftops, grappling hook, piloting equipment, investigating lex luthor, etc. 

you (my friend) pointed out that he keeps using guns - i mean, what’s WRONG with that really – he doesn’t use guns when fighting human opponents in close proximity, even when they use it against him, but it’s ridiculous to expct him not to level up his weaponry to match the threat, aka parademons

to insist that he never uses guns would just be to succumb to one of the biggest hypocrisies in that line of storytelling - batman apparently “doesn’t kill” but he grievously injures his opponents; he’s a rich guy going around punching poor criminals and putting them in the hospital, possibly disabling them for life? and we’re going to pretend that’s morally better? because he doesn’t technically kill them?

basically it’s appropriate that this batman is winding down - he’s finished with his mission, he’s finally found the purpose that he searched for by creating the league, he’s been inspired to a higher ideal. 

i don’t know how much of what batman does in the movie was whedon and snyder so i don’t want to make assumptions, but snyder deliberately cast an older batman, and this movie was meant to be the culmination of his arc. that’s essentially his role in the movie - being badass is cool and all, but ultimately it would stretch the believability of that storyline if batman were conveniently the Best Member Of The League In All Ways

**the assumption im making is that the scene of bruce being injured and saying that he’s too old to be doing that stuff, is at least in spirit, faithful to what snyder planned for the character