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When Tim's name is a Curse Word
  • Hal: *hair messy and bags under eyes at a JLA meeting*
  • Barry: Gosh Hal you look like Tim
  • Hal: I feel like Tim
  • --------------
  • *Jason gets spooped*
  • Jason: Oh sh-
  • Bruce: Language, Red Hood!
  • Jason: Oh TIM!



Relaxing in Chicken Alaska von JLS Photography - Alaska
Über Flickr:
Doc Doolittle can’t wait for summer to arrive, so he can return to gold country. The road is closed in winter, and buried under a few feet of snow - but once spring arrives and the road dries out, you’ll find him poking around the old relic’s left behind from gold rush days. In this image he was relaxing in front of a weathered cabin, to escape the eighty degree temperature’s in Chicken Alaska.

I’ve watched the Justice League movie and DON’T LISTEN TO THE CRITICS PLEASE. It’s AWESOME!! 

I can’t understand all this hate. They did great! This is what DCCU needed, it finally works. The critics just hate everything has Snyders name on it, the only reason is that Marvel’ve promised to let them touch Scarlett Johansson’s bottom.

IT’S A BLAST! ✨🔥 ✨🔥 ✨