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I want somewhere down the line Eliot finding out Quentin picked up smoking in a “more than just the casual stress smoke” kind of way and asking about it. Quentin just shrugs and passes him the cigarette he was smoking because he knows that while opium in the air helps get the edge off when you’re used to smoking all the time it’s not the same.

And then Q shows him the trick with the smoke Emily taught him and they spend all afternoon going through cigarette after cigarette drawing random shit in the air with the smoke.


“Sorry…” You started with a quick shrug before collecting a handful of the dirty shot glasses off the bar top and making to wipe down the counters. “I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. Nothing special here unless you count my shitty mixology skills.”

“I’ve seen what you can do.”

“Okay but have you tasted it?” You laughed. “Because I’m literally about one bad drink away from getting canned.”

“I’m not talking about your day job.” Bruce said, causing you to jerk your stare on his very serious expression… Shit.

He freaking knew… He knew everything there was to know about you and your not so normal abilities that qualified you for this team of special individuals he was putting together and you weren’t exactly sure how that was possible considering how careful you’d been over the past few months; relocating, picking up random jobs or hustling pool at local bars to earn a little extra cash here and there, and basically just drifting in and out of small towns to avoid any unwanted attention.

“You have the opportunity to come with me and be a part of something that’s potentially bigger than anything humanity has created in the past and I’m asking you, as someone with a common interest to help citizens in need, to take a chance and use your skills for greatness…” Came his honest assertion as he stepped closer and leaned against the bar. “What do you say?”

“I’m going to need a few drinks and a lot of questions answered before I make any crazy decisions to jump in some stranger’s Lamborghini.” You finally answered, breathing a little too heavily for your liking because damn, this guy knew how to motivate you to jump on board his crazy train and his looks had nothing to do with it… Or so you hoped.

“When do you get off work?”

“In about forty minutes.”

Rapping his knuckles against the counter and pointing toward the scotch bottle on the shelves behind you, Bruce slowly lowered himself into one of the barstools and said, “I’ll wait.”

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*Imagine being one of the meta-humans Bruce recruits for the Justice League*

(1) Request: More DCEU please!! <3

(2) Request: Can you do a request where I’m a meta human Bruce wants on the JL? Thanks! Love your blog!

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Doing this by mobile, sorry if there’s spelling mistakes, also this got LONG)
Okay, so I was rewatching JL&JLU, the Eclipsed episode(where Godfrey was saying all the crap) and like I can just imagine as time goes on and they keep getting bad press, Wally gets Bruce to agree to let him start a blog about the JL. (It’s basically a blog about what makes the League HUMAN(more or less) There are top 3 videos that have never been out ranked by another.

#3 is named The Sassy League, and is just a long video of sarcastic remarks the League have made while watching the news/to each other/during fights/whenever. The only one of Batman(that got recorded) is at the end it has Flash tripping and crashing, while cracks appear on the screen from a broken lens and Flash loud “Oooohhhh!” Is the last thing heard.

#2 is of Flash getting Wonder Woman to arm wrestle EVERYONE. It starts with Superman, and she beats him(but breaks a table), then each Green Lantern, Green Arrow, The Atom, etc(a few more tables were broken). It ends with Flash giving the camera to someone else and sitting across from her and going to say something when everyone freezes in fear. Batman is shown behind Flash who has suddenly found his boots to be amazing, then they hear “Flash. Want to tell me why half the tables in the cafeteria are broken?”
Then Flash screams “Scatter!” And you can see everyone shooting off in different directions yelling “It was Flash’s idea!”
Flash’s scream of “Traitors!” Echoes before the video ends.

#1 is of the JL Christmas party with Flash being in charge of the mistletoe and standing besides Hawkgirl. It can be seen of her pointing at 2 heroes and Flash putting mistletoe above them. At the end, Flash shoves the camera into Hawkgirl’s hands then grins and shoots over towards Batman with mistletoe above them and leaning in. Before it goes black and ends. No one knows if they kissed or not(well no one but the heroes and they aren’t telling).

There press goes up, but there are some videos that break hearts as heroes cry over the people they didn’t save. One of Wonder Woman screaming as Flash stabbed and almost killed before he is wheeled into surgery, and others of heroes sitting in groups waiting to see if their friend(s) are going to survive. Some of a hero holding a crying child, and trying not to promise them that their parents/siblings are alive because they don’t KNOW if they are. One of different heroes blaming themselves for not being fast/strong enough and whispering apologies because they SHOULD have been faster.

(Wow okay, so this was suppose to be happy, but then it got sad?? And like that wasn’t my goal, but whatever.)

oh my god, i love this so much. and just, the HINTS of batflash: Wally wandering around with the video camera, and the sound of Bruce just, in his low gravelly voice, “Flash. Put that thing away.” and Wally, spinning around, beaming and shifting the camera, “MAKE ME, BATS.” and then, a blur, as Wally speeds away.