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I don’t ship it but I think wonderbat has the potential to be cute when it’s not been handled by Joss Wheden and portrayed by Affleck. It was cute in the animated JL series so please don’t hate the ship just because the DCEU doesn’t know how to portray it respectfully. Trust me, I am a huge wondertrev fan but I don’t have anything against the ship. Both Diana and Bruce have experienced loss and share a sense of comradery in the comics and animations that I’ve read and seen; it’s not hard to believe that the two would come together to love each other and give each other the respect they deserve. What I’m saying is please be respectful and don’t hate each other because of your differing opinions.

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okay okay we all agree joss is trash, but what were your favorites parts in jl? what did you think about mera ?? i loved amber and i am super excited about aquaman. also the opening scene was awesome

I hope i am not giving away the feeling i hated the movie, because it is not at all the case, the movie was good and enjoyable, is just… it could have been better if they had not fucked the movie with some of the reshoots, whedon’s shitty dialogues, inconsistencies, and the editing of the film

This said, i’m gonna tell what i loved about the film, which is a lot of things:

Answering your questions first, Mera was fantastic! she has not a big appearances in the movie, but it was so cool, and the scene she shared with Arthur was also very good, it remembered me to the animated film JL: Throne of Atlantis, they don’t stand each other at the beginning, but then later they fall in love. And listen, this is my total kind of an otp. And I think this is what we are gonna get from Aquaman film.

The opening was so beautiful, i didn’t cry but i was very touched, it was very emotional, Zack Snyder really loves Superman, god.

And my favorite parts, without counting this i’ve already said: 

  • I loved the team and their dynamic. I loved how Bruce and Diana worked together to bring the team up, the introduction of each character was a thing i also loved. 
  • All characters have their time to shine, and that was very cool to see.
  • Barry Allen. He was fantastic, and I want to adopt him now!!! and also Victor!!!!! my man was the best!!!!!! I wanted to hug him and telling him that everything was gonna be okay all the time!!!! 
  • Arthur was awesome too!!!! not very much like the Arthur we know from the comics, but I enjoyed this version, as i said, this version of Arthur remembered me to JL: Throne of Atlantis animated film.
  • Bruce mentoring Flash.
  • Flash and Supes race in the middle-credits scene and also the scene they shared when they were saving the citizens.
  • Bruce was very on point again. Zack really gets Batman. I loved him. 
  • Bruce planning to make his mansion the headquarters of the league. And Diana saying that there would be room for more members in the future.
  • The flashback battle. I wish it had been longer, but it was good. I was very surprised when a lantern appeared, and also with Zeus, it was so so cool.
  • THE AMAZONS. When Steppenwolf tries to robb the mother box, all that sequence is an absolutely masterpiece.
  • The end with Clark taking his glass off and opening his shirt, with the suit under it… god so iconic

And i think that’s it. I’m sad that i didn’t enjoy Supes’s arc more… but it is not my fault, but wb/whedon lol

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Love your work! Hey maybe since your headcannons are open, you could do something fluffy. Maybe dick and (and maybe batsis if you want) as tiny children interacting with Bruce around the rest of the league and them being in shock that broody edge-lord batman is a dad of 9 year olds

*screeching* yesssss I love this idea okay here we go:

• Okay first of all you both hide under his cape
• The JL will be having a Very Important Meeting™
• And suddenly from under Bruce’s cape they just hear
• “No fair! Lizard beats paper!”
• “We’re not playing with lizard!”
• Everyone just stares at Bruce until he lifts his cape
• And there’s two tiny cute kids under there?
• Hal thinks you and Dick are adorable
• Dinah cannot get enough of you
• Supes is so Done™
• You hide in his cape when it’s cold
• You’ve fallen asleep under his cape while he’s on watch duty
• Hal teasing Bruce
• Bruce not being able to retaliate because he loves his babies
• The JL members start bringing games for you to play to the watchtower
• Barry brings you guys Legos
• This is fine until Oliver steps on one
• Bruce is just
• “Stop bringing my children stuffed animals! They have enough as it is.”
• They don’t stop bringing you stuffed animals
• The JL is actually a little disappointed when you two aren’t with him
• You and Dick playing in the watchtower and hall of justice
• Hide and seek is great in the watchtower


Someone had to do IT & I volunteered :D You see, folks, Mark Hamill is the best there is at what he does and WHAT HE does in this particular episode of Justice League Action, well, it is quite… something… something truly fabulous))))


Just finished watching a brand new episode of Justice League Action (almost like the Brave & The Bold in nature, but shorter and more simplified, but still fun!) “E. Nygma, Consulting Detective” (written by Jonathan Callan, long-time Riddler fan). Aside from a fun story, superb acting performances (Mr. Mark Hamill & Mr. Brent Spiner stealing the show) and neat musical orchestration, here’s a few reasons why you should watch it:

* It’s million times better than that pointless, extended and frustrating the “War of Jokes & Riddles” (by King & Janin) AND GET THIS… it lasts 10 MINUTES!!!

* Fantastic introduction (almost similar to what we did on the Joker project): https://youtu.be/U5dGx7vRtqA

* Almost no Batman (not even a single sound by Kev Conroy!!!)

* Great interaction between Diana, Ollie & Edward

* Pays homage to that one moment in time when the Riddler WAS actually a consulting detective!!!

* The reason why this conflict was set up in the first place is darn perfect & legit funny

* Special cameo appearance by G.G (yup, yup)

* Two spot-on soundtrack nods to the legend himself, Danny Elfman (both 1989 & BR, that was unbelievably good)

And… well, you should definitely CHECK IT OUT is all I am trying to say))))