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Aren't we lucky to have him?

Niam. Solid as a rock. Filled with nothing but good times. Born only 2 weeks apart, Liam and Niall have been a force to reckon with from early on. The two Virgos met at the x-factor, as roommates in boot camp. Little did the know that they’d be bonded together for life. Over the years, Niam’s relationship has pretty much seemed to stay consistent. A lot of love, protectiveness, and mutual appreciation. In Niam, you find a very natural friendship. You get the sense that, given the opportunity, they would’ve been good friends even without 1D. The both of them share a pretty impressive knowledge of music, one that we get privy to whenever they break out into the Niam cover hour on tour. But even beyond that, they seem to have a lot in common, from their very contagious love for life to their many many dates.

Let’s explore 21 of the greatest Niam moments! Look out for some words from some of your faves:)

 1. Niall getting aggressive.

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