Received from jkrikis :

istanbul 2011

Thank you very much, Yiannis! Algy isn’t quite sure what this is, but it looks like a fine place for a party, as well as being a fine photograph :)

Algy knows that your language is not English, and he is very sorry that he cannot speak Greek, so he will just say “Thank You!”. He loves the amazing photographs you show at jkrikis.

Alistair - re: http://riccamacho.com/image/37827550763. Yeah I don’t take landscapes much but I recently came to this realization as well after seeing work by folks like jkrikis, cnhedeen, himmelueberhamburg and others. Cnhedeen has some great winter tree shots on his blog (along with his stunning rodeo series).

This shot was actually inspired by Florian (threesixnfive) in Vienna who does a lot of wonderful close-up color urban shots (though in his case often with bokeh which is absent from this shot). Shout out to him. His stuff is great!


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