The Singing Cockroach

The Singing Cockroach - a short story

My cockroach is a funny thing, it walked across my leg, wearing all its bling. It stood upon my knee and then began to sing; “La Cu-ca - ra - cha, La-cu-ca - ra - cha, I’m a funny looking thing but I-got lots-of gold and jewellry, just look at all this bling.” Then it began to dance; “La Cu-ca - ra - cha, La Cu-ca - ra - cha, see my lovely shiny ring, La Cu-ca - ra - cha, La-cu-ca - ra - cha, I’ve got lots more and Oh… What glory plagiarism brings!” “Oh really”, I said, “Well, it’s way past my bed time and you can run away, as fast as you can, as I’m not about to let you go without me having the last sway!” Then I slapped my hand on the roach. It gasped and fell, jingling and jangling, with all its bling clanging, as it went tumbling to the floor, then I began to grin, as I saw it scurry away with its swag, to its home in the singer’s bin. That made me happy, then I began to sing;“ La Cu-ca - ra - cha, La-cu-ca - ra - cha, what a funny flaming thing, La Cu-ca - ra - cha, La-cu-ca - ra - cha, a singing cockroach with a shiny ring!

The short story ‘The Singing Cockroach’ was formed from my thinking of a cockroach as a Jo Rowling when I was designing a website with cockroaches scurrying over the web pages. This was many years ago, prior to the occasion when a visiting friend, named Alan Page, had picked up my design file which contained many of my stories artwork and story-line material and began asking questions about the stories elements, their story-lines and also of the website graphics with some marketing material designs. I have since found Jo Rowling’s website includes a similar theme with cockroaches scurrying across the pages, so I believe Plagiarism is what suits her writing style! The recent opening of another website by Jo Rowling, named “Pottermore”, was also as I had named a potential website which included material for animations that whowed paper cutouts much as her Pottermore website shows! Copying another authors work into text and publishing it as a book is known as plagiarism and that has occured with the actions Jo Rowling has undertaken to manage to gain notoriety of what was of my original creation, therefore her actions have led me to use the word plagiarist as an accurate description of the author whom is known for the published stories she has put into the public domain that actually originated from my created stories that she has not acknowledged originated by another author, namely myself as Gregory Ronald Simcock as Joe King Rawling. Coincidence or otherwise, I think the short story is suitable to describe the well known author for what she has done that has resulted in my stories of Harry Potter being credited to Jo K. Rowling.

I was on my blogging site, at; http://jkrawling.tumblr.com, after having posted on earnamint channel the text passage without spaces earlier, as shown here;