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-draco may seem like a lil shit still BUT NO MY SMOL BEAN THE PUREST OF ANGELS
-did I mention Scorpius? My sweet child king of my heart
-D R A C O M A L F O Y
-scorpius being the geek of the year and thinking his dad is disappointed with him or whatever shit like!!!!! BOOOOOY!!!!!!! HE WILL FUCK GOD UP FOR U!!!!! WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT HE LO VES U
-draco actually being like ?? the best parent ?? in this story ?? YES DAMN RIGHT MY SON
- scorpius being super fucking nerd my precious child
-“I would sell my soul for another minute with Astoria” NOOOO SMOL CHILD HERE SELL MY SOUL IT IS YOURS NOS
-i have found out i’m low-key drastoria trash
-also what the flying fuck why did Astoria have to die why can’t my son draco be fucking happy why do you hate me jkr
-alSO why didn’t scorpius find Astoria alive in any of the alternative realities i’m screaming
- aLSo the fuck with the rumour of my lil scorpius being voldy’s child and draco fucking harry up as soon as he mentioned it why can’t u let my children be happy stop hurting them with this bullshit
-I love them
-the cursed child is me i’m cursed with this love

are we not even going to talk about how unexplored the ginny/tom relationship is

they wrote to each other for an entire year, tom riddle was closer to ginny than anyone else had ever been without reservation and she in turn was the object of his almost religious focus and devotion and study, he knew her deepest and darkest most innermost secrets, secrets that curled up inside her like velvety tendrils trying to claw their way out of her throat, secrets that she had never breathed a word about to anyone else after he had ensnared her into the deceptive cradle that was his gentleness and warmth. she went to him for advice, confided in him about her bruised heart, asked him all of the questions she had never dared ask her parents or brothers or teachers, clutched the diary dearly to her chest and told him the little details about her life, everything everything, they were profoundly close, chillingly so. tom riddle knew ginny weasley inside and out, lived vicariously through her, she had literally poured her soul into him, so much that he began pouring a little bit of his soul back into her i cant breathe

tom riddle aka voldemort poured bits of his soul back into ginny weasley 

a part of him will always be inside her, lying dormant but sharp-eyed in the dark corners of her mind

she got to know that side of him so thoroughly, the solicitous kind thoughtful tender side, he was everything and everywhere all at once, ginny weasley was best friends with fucking lord voldemort ok

why was this never explored, where is the narrative for this

why did jkr not incorporate this more into the story, why did ginny not have a more pivotal role in tom’s downfall, where was her part in the tom/harry chronicle of which she was so clearly involved and included, the only other character to be consumed and completely drowned in tom riddle’s darkness and come out thriving and pulsing and very full of the life he tried to devour, why was this simply left untouched, this could have been so much more, so much better, it nearly writes itself, its all there, what the fuck

20 Reasons Parvati Patil is actually really awesome:
  1. She was the first person to stand up to Draco Malfoy at their first flying lesson. Notice that she stood up to Draco before Harry did. She instantly stood up to the school bully for making fun of Neville faster than “The chosen one” did. Oh, and did I mention she was only 11 at the time? 
  2. Speaking of the flying lesson, she  was the first one who came to Harry’s defense when Professor McGonagall was reprimanding him, before even his best friend Ron did.  Parvati wasn’t afraid to stand up to an adult-and a teacher at that-at the mere age of eleven because she knows it is the right thing, which seems to suggest she has a strong sense of justice.
  3. She may be gullible, but she genuinely does seem to care for Harry’s safety when she warns him to “remember [his] tea leaves” during Hagrid’s 1st lesson. 
  4. She stands up to Snape that time he’s their substitute teacher. 
  5. She has great fashion sense; McGonagall was acting bonkers that time she told her to get rid of that cute butterfly plait she had in her.
  6. She’s right; Hagrid’s lessons really are not safe. 
  7. She sticks by her beliefs when Harry blows up at her for it.
  8. She gets her sister a date for the Yule Ball, something which she didn’t have to do, but chose to anyway, which indicates that she is a good sister.
  9. Simultaneously, she managed to get Ron a date as well. 
  10. When Harry continuously ignores her, she leaves him:He was acting like a jerk, and since she respects and esteems herself, she will not tolerate it, and instead goes on to enjoy her night without letting Harry’s astuteness ruin it for her. 
  11. She questions Umbridge in their first class. 
  12. When she laughs at Ron’s imitation of Hermione in HBP, she does what we’ve seen very few characters ever do after teasing Hermione: She apologizes. (Note how Ron, the person actively making fun of her, does not apologize.) 
  13. She may not be friends with Hermione, but she realizes that if she hurts someone else’s feelings the decent thing to do is apologize. 
  14. She was a member of Dumbledore’s Army.
  15. She brought Professor Trelawney  flowers  when she was fired.
  16. She hugged Lavender when she was crying.
  17.  Speaking of Lavender, Parvati’s a good friend all around.
  18. She convinced her parents to let her and Padma stay in school 6th year.
  19. She supports Lavender’s feelings for Ron, despite being somewhat embarrassed by their behavior, since she cares about her friend’s happiness. 
  20. She fought in the Battle of Hogwarts when she was at most 18 years old against a full grown Death Eater.

In conclusion, Parvati Patil actually had the potential to be a really great character, and it’s a shame JKR did not expand on her characterization as more than some giggling gossipy girl in Harry’s class. She deserves very little of the hate she receives from fans, and is actually quite awesome. :)

Edit: Several people have been a little confused about this post and my comment about JKR at the end, so I’d like to take a moment and clarify what I meant by it:

The point of this post was not to criticize JKR. My intention was to try and explain why much of the hate Parvati seems to receive from the fandom  is unjustified , and part of the reason why that fandom dislike for her exists, I feel, is because-and this is strictly  my opinion- JKR really only made her a tertiary character, when she could have been so much more than that, and therefore she was a bit under developed.  I apologize if this came across as JKR bashing; I love JKR, and that certainly wasn’t my intention.

Likewise, I did not intend to imply that being a “giggly, gossipy girl” is inherently wrong. Nothing’s wrong with giggling girls who have a penchant for (non-hurtful) gossip. What is wrong is that the characters seem to think there is, and as the readers JKR generally intends for us to side with her protagonists, unless they are explicitly proven wrong.

Some examples of what I mean when I say that Parvati’s character seems to be negatively  interpreted by the protagonists:

Harry oftentimes gets very annoyed when Parvati, Lavender, and other girls giggle or gossip around him. He even thinks at one point that “giggling should be made illegal” when he’s asking Cho to the ball. (Although, in fairness, he was having a very stressful time.) Clearly, Harry isn’t fond of this behavior, which Parvati frequently exhibits. He himself gets annoyed with specifically  Parvati’s giggling “gossip girl” persona a few times( when he’s asking her to the ball, when she and Lav are giggling in Transfiguration, etc.) In particular, when Parvati expresses that she wishes Grubbly-Plank stays on as the care of magical Creatures professor, Harry treats her with great contempt, and thinks that her cool attitude towards him is unfair, despite the fact he neglected her the whole night of the ball. However, I will admit that much of this behavior stems from Harry’s loyalty to Hagrid, as well as him simply being a teenage boy, but the point still stands that although Harry harbors no serious dislike of or resentment towards Parvati, his behavior and annoyed attitude towards her at times are depicted as being completely  appropriate, when it often isn’t . I wouldn’t be complaining about this if just once  someone- such as Luna or Hermione maybe-  made some  offhand remark calling him out on this behavior, but this never happens.

Secondly, Hermione: Hermione, in a sense, acts as a foil to her roommates Lavender and Parvati. Or rather, they seem to act as a foil to her. While Hermione is a studious intellectual in nearly all respects, Lavender and Parvati seem only to be interested in gossip, boys, and the flighty fancy of Divination. This alone is not a bad thing.  After all, teenage girls are not all uniform personality wise, and I have no qualms with JKR making Hermione’s roommates different from her.

However, Lavender and Parvati’s interests are portrayed as frivolous, inane, and utterly useless.  Meanwhile, Hermione’s interests-namely her book smarts and wand work- are of the utmost vitality for the trio’s survival.  Again, this alone is not an issue. But when you have two characters meant to act as foils to Hermione,  and their interests are constantly depicted as being shallow and flippant, that does (albeit perhaps unintentionally) leave some negative implications.

Finally: The HermionexRonxLavender debacle. Parvati was not Hermione’s “rival in love”, but Lavender-who shares many similar character traits as Parvati- was. Nearly all of Lavender’s defining characteristics -most of which are also shared by Parvati-  are what make her an “inferior” love interest for Ron. Lavender’s entire character in this moment is essentially used as a plot device to convince the reader why Hermione’s the one for Ron.(And although I ship Romione, I feel JKR could have written this much better.) To add insult to injury(or rather, injury to insult in this case) , the last we see of Lavender is her being attacked by Greyback before Hermione fends him off of her stirring body.  Can we give this girl a  break already?

Why am I mentioning Lavender? Since Parvati is Lavender’s best friend, is similar to her in personality, and Lavender is depicted as being inferior due to these characteristics, it stands to reason that JKR did not intend the reader to sympathize with Parvati, which is a shame since Parvati actually is a good character, albeit an underdeveloped one.

Once again, this is all just my opinion, and it’s absolutely ok if anyone disagrees with me. Sorry for the confusion. :)

The excuses against Scorbus

“They are only 14, there is time.”

“If they can’t have sex, it’s not supposed to happen yet. Why would JKR sexualize children!”

“It’s just two male friends with a deep bond.”

“There was no such thing as queerbaiting. Both boys are straight.”

“Rowling didn’t intend to make Scorbus a couple. Why look for something that isn’t there?”

“Albus and Scorpius didn’t discover their sexuality yet.”

Only for gay ships these excuses exist…….


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“Like honestly, why is it such a big deal that Ron struggles and complains about his problems once in a while when all…”

#thanks for this

#i needed some positive ron things

#he’s a good person but his characterization around hermione is terrible

#like he belittles her and her dreams a lot and that’s such a shitty situation for her to end up in

#like why couldn’t jkr have dropped the shitty parts of ron for the hero he really is

You’re welcome, but, okay. I’ve gotta ask. When did Ron belittle Hermione’s dreams? I guess you could argue he belittles her by idk, bickering her and calling her a know-it-all, even though the books demonstrate quite a few times if someone genuinely insults her for knowing things (Snape) he gets very angry. But you’re free to have problems with it if you want, I mean, I get it.

But like, her dreams? Are you talking about the house-elf thing? Cuz 1. he came around on that, that was why they kissed and 2. she was genuinely going about it the wrong way, he was kinda right about that. 

Is it just studying in general? Because he teases her about that, but it’s more in the vein of she’s studied so much she doesn’t need to anymore, not that he thinks she shouldn’t go after her dreams. And she is too hard on herself over studying, and he’s aware of this. 

Remember when they got their OWLs and Hermione was acting upset over and OWL grade and Ron is like “WHY ARE YOU UPSET, YOU DID AMAZING, WE KNOW YOU DID, LET ME SEE”, grabbed them from her, read it all out and was like “SEE. ARE YOU GENUINELY UPSET BECAUSE YOU GOT ONE NOT PERFECT GRADE OH MY GOD WHY”. He was very abrasive about it, but that was really obviously his way of telling her not be hard on herself and encouraging her. He never had any doubt in her ability to do pretty much anything academically and never discourages her from pursuing it unless it’s, you know, actively harmful to her, ie her impossible schedule in third year. 

And listen, Hermione is my favorite character, but it’s not like she doesn’t “belittle” Ron and stuff he dreams about if we’re measuring it that way. Ron never told her studying is stupid. But Hermione has made it clear several times she thinks Quidditch is pretty stupid. She rolls her eyes all the time at the stuff he gets starry eyed about. She’s also said so truly vicious things to him when she gets annoyed. 

Like if you think it’s an unhealthy relationship because they bicker or whatever, that’s fine. But as far a “belittling” each other goes, it’s pretty mutual, and I think it does a disservice to Hermione’s character to act like she’s not giving as good as she gets when it comes to insults. Girl has a sharp tongue and she loves using it.

also, teenagers are shitty. People are shitty. If we drop the shitty parts of a character and only keep the heroic traits we get a boring character. it’s not like Ron had one obvious horrible flaw that’s totally out of sync with the rest of  his characterization (like being a serial sexual harrasser but otherwise!!! a great!!! guy!!!) No, him being immature, him being abrasive, him being combative, jealous and sarcastic are baked into his personality. Their personality flaws that sometimes be amusing, but sometimes manifest themselves in him not being the greatest to Hermione.

But guys
  • Potterheads: oMG why didn't JKR make Dramione canon?!? It'll be so good to see a pure-blood marrying a muggle-born!!!!
  • JKR: *tries to redeem herself by making ScoRose canon on the Cursed Child*
  • Potterheads: nO FUCK YOU WE WANT SCORBUS!!!!
  • JKR: *presents herself to Voldemort* just fucking kill me.
The Misunderstood Hogwarts House - Slytherin

So for those of you who don’t know, Hogwarts is a school of Magic (officially named Hogwarts School of Whichcraft and Wizardry) from the book and film series called Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

There are four Houses in Hogwarts, each named after one of the four founders of the school: Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin.

Rereading the Harry Potter series, I noticed the prejudice against Slytherin House is positively horrendous.

The first mention of Slytherin is in the second chapter of the first book of the Harry Potter series (Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) in Madam Malkins ‘Robes for all occasions.’ And naturally, Draco Malfoy - the epitome Slytherin - introduces us to the house. He is depicted as an arrogant, posh, upper-class, selfish snob and instantly makes most of us abhor him and by extension - Slytherin and the Malfoy name and family.

The second mention of Slytherin House appears later in the same chapter when Harry asks Hagrid what Slytherin is. He explains to Harry that it is a house at Hogwarts. Hagrid then proceeds to build the foundation of Harry’s hate towards Slytherin and everything associated with it -  "There’s not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn’t in Slytherin.” (rubeus Hagrid).

Before I go on, I would like to explain what the official and official traits of Slytherin are.

The latter three are mentioned in Book 2 By Dumbledore.

Unofficial (These I shall explain in more detail)

House Unity - This is displayed several times in the books. Slytherin House never sorts out disaccords in public. When around other people not in their house, Slytherins appear aloof, supportive and proud.

Abuse - Now, before you scowl angrily at your device and move onto the next post, hear me out. This isn’t a trait that applies to many students but after a little bit of research I found that children that have been abused either physically or emotionally in their childhood are more likely to be more controlling, ambitious, cunning and mature than other children their age. This is a result of their need to be cunning in situations in which require self-preservation. This can be seen with Tom Riddle. Bullied as a child, he became cunning, resourceful, powerful, manipulative and ambitious. The situations he found himself in, required him to be like that so that he could avoid any physical damage. Harry Potter is also an example of this. As much as some Slytherin haters like to deny, Harry Potter has many Slytherin traits: Resourcefulness, determination, power, influence, shrewdness, cunning, cleverness and quick wit (the films failed to show this - they were extremely biased and showed an extremely Gryffindor Harry). Harry was almost sorted into Slytherin but the hat decided to grant him his wish and sorted him into Gryffindor. People who have been deprived of power are often more likely to crave power over their own lives.

Aristocracy - Slytherins seem to all be pure-bloods and and some of them aristocrats. It was surprisingly hard to find any information about this topic, but I managed to find out that there are at least four ‘Most Ancient and Noble Houses’: Malfoy, Longbottom, Black and Greengrass. Three of these  Houses are almost always in Slytherin. I also managed to find out that most purebloods are seen as the nobility of the Wizarding World. Curiously, most of them are in Slytherin. I assume that this is because pureblood children are often taught how to be cunning and ambitious. They are brought up to value the wizarding aristocratic traits - many of which coincide with Slytherin traits.

Blood Purity - Many Slytherins are purebloods as already stated above.


Quick wit

The general idea is, that these traits make people evil. But isn’t this a contradiction? Harry himself has most of these traits, and yet he’s a ‘hero’ and a completely benevolent and altruistic person, simply because he’s a Gryffindor.

Evil. That is what most witches and wizards perceive Slytherins as.

Before I rebuttal this terrible accusation i just want to say how hilariously moronic this is.

Slytherin being one of the four houses of Hogwarts is one fourth of the schools population. JK. Rowling stated in an interview that Hogwarts houses more or less 1.000 students, a fourth of which have to be either Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin. This means that 250 people are Slytherins. Can you honestly believe that 250 children between the ages of 11-18 are evil? That 250-f****ing-students are sadistic, homocidal psychopaths intent on following a clearly man man?

One might argue that several students in Harry’s year ended up as Slytherins. I don’t deny that… It has been confirmed, that Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Theodore Nott and Pansy Parkinson were all in Slytherin and ended up becoming Slytherins. I would also like to remind you that all of these students had at least one parent who was already involved with the Death Eaters. They had literally no way of escaping their fate.

What often disgusts me is that there are only four Slytherins which ended up ‘reforming’ themselves. Only four Slytherins that in the eyes of the public were ‘good’. Personally this disgust me. Slytherins are depicted as universally bad people. There isn’t a single likeable Slytherin. Not in the Order of the Phoenix, nor in the Auror Corps, nor in Dumbledore’s Army.

Horace Slughorn
Andromeda Tonks
Severus Snape
Draco Malfoy

These are the only people in Slytherins who have been depicted as likeable…  Isn’t it odd, that Severus Snape, one of the most unpleasant and discriminating people (as pointed out by Harry) is one of the most likeable Slytherins?

Essentially, the only Slytherins that contributed to the side trying to defeat the genocidal maniac aka, Voldemort, were Severus Snape, Horace Slughorn, Regulus Black and Andromeda Tonks - and these were all exceptions to the general social rule that Slytherin was evil.

To summarise; Slytherins aren’t evil. Their traits make them seem underhanded and sly, and people don’t often like being outsmarted (which is something Slytherins often do), hence that is the reason why society collectively bullies them.

I just want you to give Slytherin a chance - look behind all that snark and sarcasm. Focus on their ingenuity and talent in manipulation. Personally I admire Slytherins for their self-preservation, and ability to gently manipulate a conversation in any direction (as seen with Horace Slughorn and Tom Riddle).

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character thingy: charlie; ron; mcgonagall and ginny?? ily xxx

ily2 <3 Thank you!!


Sexuality Headcanon: Asexual/demiromantic

Gender Headcanon: Trans dude.

A ship I have with said character: Charlie has his dragons to worry about, he doesn’t have time for relationships.

A BROTP I have with said character: Charlie and Tonks tore up Hogwarts together and you can’t tell me otherwise.

A NOTP I have with said character: Charlie and Tonks romantically. I’m sure they tried to kiss once, but they never really got far, what with all the laughing.

A random headcanon: Charlie sends Teddy pictures from the dragon preserve every month, along with dragon egg shell and other neat artifacts.

General Opinion over said character: I love Charlie. I know we don’t see him much in canon, but I still think he was doing Order work on the dl, which is how he lives his life, a true introvert inspiration.


Sexuality Headcanon: Straight, but not that straight. 

Gender Headcanon: Cis male.

A ship I have with said character: I like Ron and Hermione together. I thought they balanced each other nicely, and it was fun to watch their relationship grow and mature as they themselves did.

A BROTP I have with said character: Ron and Harry are the BROTP.

A NOTP I have with said character: I saw Ron and Draco, and I was like, come again? I can hear Draco screaming from here, and Ron just puked in the corner.

A random headcanon: He learns to cook really well since Hermione works such long hours.

General Opinion over said character: He really came into his own in the books, showing true loyalty and bravery, and I wish the movies hadn’t played him so dirty.


Sexuality Headcanon: Lesbian

Gender Headcanon: Female, she/her pronouns

A ship I have with said character: @nblesbiansirius is getting me hooked on Minnie and Professor Sprout.

A BROTP I have with said character: Minnie and Remus, shit talking in the teacher’s lounge during POA. Also, Minnie and James while he was at school. Basically, Minnie was the honorary 5th marauder.

A NOTP I have with said character: Minnie and Dumbledore. They’re both too gay for that

A random headcanon: She sneaks into the greenhouses to nap as a cat on Sunday mornings. Sprout brings her a dish of cream to wake her up.

General Opinion over said character: She can do no wrong and I’d follow her to the ends of the earth if she asked.


Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual.

Gender Headcanon: Cis female.

A ship I have with said character: Ginny and Luna are in love and I am confused as to why JKR didn’t get that memo.

A BROTP I have with said character: Ginny and Neville bro-ing out, getting wasted in Muggle London and apparating out of the back of a cop car. 

A NOTP I have with said character: Ginny and Tom Riddle. How would that even happen?

A random headcanon: She wears boxer briefs.

General Opinion over said character:  Ginevra is another bad ass Weasley who got the shaft in the movies. Another true bicon for the ages.

harry potter x hamilton

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im gonna need a detailed post on this stat like

oh man okay so this got quite long - 

harry potter:

  • the obvious “death doesn’t discriminate/between the sinners and the saints/…”
  • “history has it’s eyes on you”
  • “dying is easy, young man/ living is harder” haha im not crying ur crying
  • “Intelligent eyes in a hunger-pang frame” those green eyes are legendary 
  • “i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory” this child deserved so much more i cannot
  • “my dog speaks more eloquently” harry sass potter strikes again

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Movie: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Half-blood who? - the movie summary


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I'm all in for aro/ace Hagrid, but in the canon wasn't he into Olympe Maxime? (Why is JKR doing this 😓)

that was all because of heteronormativity ! dont let jk fool you !

( real talk, i wrote this post half asleep after only five seconds of thinking and didnt remember that… but now it’s too late it’s my hc… ’-_- )


Imagining Bellatrix carrying Voldemort’s baby is wild and really freakin’ stupid??????????????

Do you think she did that thing where she gave Voldemort a shirt that said Best Daddy Ever, and he had to ask who’s gonna be a daddy?

Was she literally pregnant throughout the entirety of DH? Did no one actually notice??????????????????

“Rodolphus, my man, my bro, my dude, congrats on the spawn!”

“Bellatrix hasn’t acknowledged my presence since the humid August of 1972. I had a bowl cut then.”