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“Go on, have a pasty,” said Harry, who had never had anything to share before or, indeed, anyone to share it with. It was a nice feeling, sitting there with Ron, eating their way through all Harry’s pasties, cakes, and candies (the sandwiches lay forgotten).
—  J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Se há algo que essas histórias provam é que o heroísmo existe em várias formas, tamanhos e tipos. Afinal, não é preciso ser da Grifinória e empunhar uma espada para ser um herói – às vezes, tudo que se precisa é ter o coração no lugar certo.
—  Histórias de Proezas, Percalço e Passatempo Perigosos, de J.K. Rowling.       
I met a man a couple of years ago who had grown up with a huge amount of money. And he said to me in passing, “You know, money is not the most important thing.” Which is both true, and profoundly ignorant. Because when you have no money, it is absolutely the most important thing. Only someone who has never had to worry can make a statement like that.
—  J.K. Rowling
This is why I love book Ron, this right here:

“Hang on a moment!” said Ron sharply. “We’ve forgotten someone!”

“Who?” asked Hermione.

“The house-elves, they’ll all be down in the kitchen, won’t they?”

“You mean we ought to get them fighting?” asked Harry.

“No,” said Ron seriously, “I mean we should tell them to get out. We don’t want anymore Dobbies, do we? We can’t order them to die for us.”

severus and lily and this jkr quote

Jaclyn: Did lily ever have feelings back for snape

J.K. Rowling: Yes. She might even have grown to love him romantically (she certainly loved him as a friend) if he had not loved Dark Magic so much, and been drawn to such loathesome people and acts.

the way i interpret, or use this quote is mostly to assert that lily did, and has the capacity to, (or, it’s possible for her to) love snape platonically and romantically (which is an idea i’d play with anyway because this is explored in fanfiction where things like snape/lupin and snape/narcissa exist, but this was said explicitly by jo, so. that’s worth something, i guess)…but how that relationship develops or falls apart is dependent on how and in what circumstances they interact and what form said dynamic takes.

i’m talking about this because i think people tend to do this thing where snape has to be totally Pure and master all four elements and the avatar state to just interact with lily which…aren’t obligations made of him in other ‘ship fic., even with ‘good’ characters. the romantic dynamic i think jkr describes, and the one that would progress from their canon childhood friendship would be reliant on sustained trust, but you can create a plethora of scenarios in fanfiction to mash them together that don’t begin and end the way they did in canon- they don’t have to meet as kids, fallout in 5th year, etc.


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