Ok for some unknown reason I’d been hardcore procrastinating listening to the bonus episode but I finally did so just now and I’m so glad 😄 pretty much everything that was revealed had me like “yesss!” but ESPECIALLY the confirmation that the OHC members are all people Julian the Janitor knows in real life!

ok so this might not make sense but its sort of how I visualise the ohc functioning within the Eiffel tower, (sorry if this makes 0 sense im rubbish with words)

ok so you know how the Eiffel tower has its four bases/legs? well I imagine that the broadcasting ballroom is in that supported area between those legs/bases where the four of them are connected 

 so when you say “broadcasting live from the top of the Eiffel tower” you like don’t mean that the broadcast ballroom/audience is at the top of the tower just that the signal/recording is being transmitted/broadcast from its arieal at the top of the tower.

But still how do you like navigate the place? and then theres the elevator? god I don’t even know jkos help me