That one time in Germany we had a huge JKMM (Japanisches Kaiserreich Mitternacht Marine or Midnight Navy) group of almost 20 people. I was a horrible organizer. And though I did poorly, there are still some of them who do not regret it. I don’t know, three, maybe four. I cry whenever someone views JKMM with love and the character they’ve taken as their own soul mate. 

I had so much fun. I love you all so much.

[Yorktown] [I-8], [U-1224], [Spitfire], [Val], [Kate], [Te-Ke] [Germany]


So basically outside of the Dangle Grandpa shoot on Friday, a Suigintou I took a picture of on Saturday and my TWD Game shoot on Sunday, all I have are selfies.

Nekocon was selfie con. I had a lot of fun. Got lots of pictures in Wicked Lady (my 90% leg cosplay. I could barely sit down before I got asked for pictures. My feet hurt but it was worth it.).

Got a number of pictures in Ibuki.

Also got called America 18 times when wearing Wildcat. (Guys I know the two look very similar, and I know I wear glasses, but not everyone who wears a brown bomber jacket and uniform is America. Also my glasses are sort of required for me as I’m blind as fuck without them. Please listen to me when I tell you that I’m not the character you think I’m cosplaying as.)

Got called “Friggin’ Ben” and “Fucking Ben” a lot on Sunday. (SO MANY OF YOU LET HIM FALL. HOW COULD YOU. ;;; A;;; )

Can’t wait for Katsucon.