Luckily there was a big white bird outside for me to look at while drawing you this picture or else it would not have been true to life! 

But the big white bird was looking a bit lonely, so I decided to put a friend for him in the picture. He’s the little red bird, see? 

…What do you mean they remind you of someone? 


That one time in Germany we had a huge JKMM (Japanisches Kaiserreich Mitternacht Marine or Midnight Navy) group of almost 20 people. I was a horrible organizer. And though I did poorly, there are still some of them who do not regret it. I don’t know, three, maybe four. I cry whenever someone views JKMM with love and the character they’ve taken as their own soul mate. 

I had so much fun. I love you all so much.

[Yorktown] [I-8], [U-1224], [Spitfire], [Val], [Kate], [Te-Ke] [Germany]

In which I have JKMM feels and nobody to share them with...

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one left in the JKMM fandom. ;__; I know its hard to promote the series considering we can’t scanalate the series, as the owner doesn’t want the images being reproduced all over the internet. (and considering the touchy subject the content contains, I fully understand.)

But I just want somebody to fangirl with over the characters. I mean Roukuzaki posted an image of Eagle and Tomcat together 10 days ago(IN FULL COLOR TOO!0… and I have nobody to share my love with.

I just want to bond of personifications of airplanes, tanks, ships and submarines okay? ;__; It’s just hard because I don’t speak Japanese fluently to keep up with the comic. ;__;