Comfort | Pt. 2

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A/N: I am alive! I have been writing on this one for too long, but I finally managed to complete this chapter! If a lot of you guys like this chapter, I can update another one, but it depends if you want another one :) Anyways, thank you for reading! x  

Genre: Fluff, fuckboy!au, romance 

Pairing: Jungkook x OC

Word count: 10 K 

Summary: In which you (Somin) like Jungkook and try to get with him, despite his fuckboy attitude. 

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“Honey, we are going on a vacation starting this week. Nobody will be home when you return for the weekends.”

Somin sighed to herself as she leant against the washing machine. She was clenching the laundry bin in her hands and it amazed her how it was her first time to do the laundry at her dorms in the weekends. Normally, she would have been at home sipping warm chocolate milk and talking about her hectic week of studying and presentations with her mom. However, her parents decided to take a vacation in Cuba for a week and this left Somin with no choice but to stay at her dorms with minimal social contact as most of her roommates returned home spending their time with their family, including her neighbor she hasn’t spoken to for days or weeks ever since that incident.

She didn’t know how to act around him anymore. It felt exciting and embarrassing at the same time whenever she saw him. Shyness was her biggest problem and it forced her to avoid him for quite some time.

“…We had a presentation….Yeah…” Someone murmured.

Somin snapped her head up when she heard voices coming down the stairs. She dropped her laundry bin and looked down at herself touching the fabric of her clothes.  She didn’t expect anyone to be here, so she didn’t put any effort to look presentable. Her third-day hair was collected in a messy bun and she was still in her pink footed teddy bear onesie. It would be extremely embarrassing for her to have people see her like that. Panicked, she bit her lip and pushed up her glasses.

“Oh god, what to do?” She said to herself, as she frantically looked around to hide herself. Her laundry still had 30 minutes to go and most people just put in their laundry and leave. If she could hide herself for a few minutes, it would solve the problem, so she thought. She quickly moved herself behind a laundry machine when she saw a red laundry bin appearing behind the wall.

“Yeah, I had mine in the morning. I have to say, they didn’t go easy on me with their questions. I felt like I’ve aged 20 years from the stress they gave me.” The girl complained, when she entered the laundromat room and put down her bin on top of the machine. The other person who came along laughed at her and leant on the same spot Somin was at earlier. He was dazzling as always and it surprised Somin that they were both at the dorms, despite the weekends. Were they always here, Somin thought to herself.

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  • Be more chill: help him he's bi and confused part 1
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  • Smartphone hour: storytime: how I almost got set on fire by a homosexual **NOT CLICKBATE**
  • Pitiful children: help them
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  • Voices in my head: Local bi can't follow instructions.

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