Jean Kelley KickStarter!

Some of you may know Jean Kelley from the popular TV show, The Voice! Though she did not win, her passion and drive for music have yet to cease! Jean’s team and band have been hard at work ever since! I had the pleasure of working with Jean Kelley on a few different projects, such as a singing competition here in Atlanta called Sing For Your Life!

I have been quietly following her KickStarter campaign via social media for almost a month now and the goal is SO CLOSE to being met! As some of you may already know, I also plan to use the KickStarter platform to fund an EP of my own, as well as the rest of the start up cost for GenderFlux!

Being able to watch Jean Kelley’s KickStarter has been so inspiring because she is another Artist in the same city I am, with some of the same goals I share as an artist! Watching her be successful has only inspired me to follow in her footsteps!

There are only 3 days left of the #JKKS (Jean Kelley KickStarter) and the goal is SO CLOSE to being met! Anything you can do to help reach her goal is much appreciated! If the goal is not met, the entire project does not get funded! Watching this whole process has been such an inspiration for me. Even if you can not donate, check out Jean Kelley’s music and her KickStarter page. Share it with friends and family!

Team work makes the dream work!

Here are links to everything you need!
KickStarter Page:
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jeankelleymusic

-Elliott Alexzander

Happy b-day to Nagare-chan, born under a lucky star on pocky day!  this is a lil late since i just learned it was his birthday the day of but anyways here it is (the hand is whoever u want it to be but for me it’s me feeding him pocky cuz im a sinner )

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A yantra is a ritual, mystical diagram rooted in the beliefs and concepts contained in a number of the Hindu Tantras, or collections of esoteric texts that emphasize the science of the knowledge of interplanetary rhythms and their integral relations with the human organism. Tantric thought is based in the belief that creative energy flow is achieved through the resolution of polar opposites.
The Hastakara Yantra illustrates these concepts through various symbols and signs on the palm of a hand. In this yantra, the dominant symbols are animals, elements of script and swords, which represent prosperity, power and fortune.
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