John-Paul Lavoisier Joins The Cast Of Days of our Lives As Phillip Kiriakis!
Fantastic news and brilliant casting! One Life to Live favorite John-Paul Lavoisier (Ex-Rex Balsom) has been cast as Salem's new Phillip Kiriakis on NBC's Days of our Lives! The actor has already begun taping scenes and will be first seen on the canvas in early December, according t

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Name: Jenna-Kim
Nickname: Jen, Jenn, Jenna, JKJ, JK Jules, JJ, Jen-Jen, and basically all used by family only.
Birthday: February 28
Star Sign: Pisces 
Gender: female 
Favourite colour: Lavender 
Time right now: 19:45 (7:45)
Average hours of sleep: Anywhere between 7-9
Last thing I googled: Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art (I dont remember why though..)
Number of blankets: Three is the perfect number.
Favourite fictional character: NED THE PIEMAKER IS MY FAVORITE
Favourite famous person: Bro idk
Favourite book: Toss up between Out of the Silent Planet and Inkheart.
Favourite band: Owl City hits top marks followed closely by Angels and Airwaves with The Monkees leading up the rear.
Last movie I saw: Uhm…I think the last I saw was Batman, 1989 film with Michael Keaton.
Dream trip: Iceland, and South Korea.
Dream job: Something in theatre or acting. 

I tag: electromasta oldpaul bitter-milk mrsdavyjones bittercamera classicrock-and-stuff thank-your-lucky-stars and cutepanties-hardcoremusic and whoever else feels like doing it. 

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Video: JKJ ft. Tayja - Ridin Home @JKJ412 @TayjaVu @NateKodi @KrakKilZ @RARENation

R.A.R.E. Nation’s JKJ teams up with David Newbury to releas his latest visual off of his album ‘Internal Warfare,’ with Ridin Home.


seriously. anybody i actually want to be with is either too young or its complicated so I’m doing what I can

i always feel like im not pretty but then its like sometimes a guy pops out of nowhere “oh my god you’re so beautiful and gorgeous kjdjk jkj;” i mean i just don’t trust that? how do i get bullied for my looks and used as the butt of those “my homeboy wants to date you” jokes and then be found attractive by someone? I just don’t understand, it makes me not trust men or boys (even less than I already did) like ???

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JKJ ft Tayja “Ridin Home” #brainofbmw @JkJ412 @Rarenation

“Ridin Home” is the latest release from up & coming Pittsburgh artist JKJ. Website: www.rarenation.com/jkj Twitter: @JkJ412, @Rarenation


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Jeff Killed John - Wrong of Me.

EP ‘Better Off Alone’ (1999).