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I dunno why but I started to doodle all of dis XD
Taggy time~

Me always teasing him about his ‘Wake me up inside’ look XD

Always making sure I don’t kill- I mean, get out of order X3. Also Number 1 stalker XD

The first online friend who I introduce to my Best Friend, and has a thing for my butt apparently. Jkjk. I luv ya Narcy XD

Jezuz. When I made SoulSearch I was so afraid she was gonna be mad because I KO her Chara using my Chara. To my surprise she apparently like my Chara whacking the shit out of hers XD

Please STAPH throwing random feels then suddenly fluff in front of my face till it ruins my sanity XD Jkjk continuing doing it XD

Save me please Smolpie XD

One of the few times I tried drawing Chibis XD

i got 1 page done of my essay!  yay progress!

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You should make your bf or you/bf in sims<3

LOL, HONESTLY I’LL TRY but I’ll end up making us way hotter than we actually look jkjk XD

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What if in the twin au Viktor meets the boys at the same time but on has that love at first sight moment with Yuuri even though Yuki and Yuuri are identical?? He's like"Yuuri is amazing and beautiful and the most handsome boy in ever meet!" and if someone asks about if Yuki is cute too he's just like "meh I guess so"


Cuz Viktor would rather fall for a sweet and shy guy with chocolate brown eyes than a loud mouth with amber ones jkjk XD
((seriously he loves Yuki so much as a friend but not as much as he loves Yuuri of course XDD))

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GURL I JUST SENT THIS TO YOU, how dareee you XD jkjk thank you for thinkin of me

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Is there a place we can see your past commissions? Or do you only show the commissions that the clients give you permission to show? I just wanted to see more of your art.

Totally! I usually post most  of my commissions on Instagram. There I post WIPs of my commissions and pics of me kissing Ville Valo posters jkjk there’s just one XD ! and yeah some people don’t  want me to post them cause sometimes they are surprise gifts for their friends, family bf/gf and they give it to them themselves  ^ u ^ awww bruuuuuh i’m so happy you do! <3

i bet dean has a diary under his pillow in his room and when he mad he writes stuff like this:

dear diary,

u g h god sammy is being a total d bag. hes bein really moody and stuff like ?????????? whatever. and i havent seen my boyfriend in like FOREVER which is so hella lame. he better not be seeing bart behind my back or ill kick his butt XD jkjk his butts too pretty



Constitution of the Captain Swaners of the World

A little joke for my fellow American CSers although i feel anyone CS can appreciate this

We the Captain Swaners in order to form a more perfect fandom, establish these the laws of fandom.

Article I (The CS Fandom Structure)

Section 1

  1. All CS Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the Captain Swan Fandom, which shall consist of a CS Shushettes and the CS Mafia.
  2. The members of the CS fandom must watch Once Upon a Time any and all people are welcome into this fandom
  3. A person of any age who watches Once Upon a Time may join this fandom.
  4. There is no limit on the amount of CS and Once Upon a Time fans welcome into the House of CS Representatives.
  5. There are always vacancies in this fandom current fandom members must agree to recruit as many new CSers as possible.
  6. No one has the power to impeach another CS representative.
  7. External image

Section II (CS Fanfiction)

  1. CS fanfictions can be written any length and posted in CS tags ouat spoilers tag is optional
  2. CS fanfictions may consist of smut, fluff or a combination of both
    External image
  3. CS fanfictions must include Emma Swan and Killian Jones. Henry, other once characters and other CS headcannon children being optional.
  4. Should CS head cannon children be introduced with in a CS fic the child if a boy must be named Liam in accordance with the Head Cannon born of Season 3 Episode 5 Good Form. Girl names are optional.

Article III (Spoilers)

  1. Spoilers should be tagged or you risk violating the most sacred of fandom laws.
  2. If anyone is to post a spoiler it must be tagged
  3. External image

Article IV (Hate)

  1. If you send hate to any other fandom least it be in the defense of your ship it is punishable by death. JKJK XD no its just really mean seriously it aint nessecary

Article V (Neal)

  1. We welcome any X swanfire or swanthief fans however if you are in anyway wishing Neal would come back to claim her as his own please keep it to your self.

Article VI (The overlords)

  1. Never send hate to Adam and Eddy, JMo or Colin O'Donoghue directly or indirectly. This is a violation of the CS fandom code. You will be stripped of your official title of a CSer and simply be an unofficial Oncer.
  2. You must accept Jmo as your Queen and Fandom leader
  3. You must accept Colin O'Donoghue as your King and Fandom leader

  4. You must accept A &E as the beautiful people they are

In the Year of our Lord two thousand and fourteen we hearby put forth these rules of CS fandom and witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our Names,

Reblog or Like to ‘sign’ The Constitution of the Captain Swaners of the World

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if anything, i suggest watching faking it first bc each ep is only 20 min and there's only 8 episodes so far and it's a lighter show compared to the other two. Then you should watch oitnb since its all on netflix so you can binge watch that after and save orphan black for last bc it's, i would say, the darkest and most serious of the three so you can finish with that and then continue on to question your life's existence and meaning, bc that is what that show will do to you LOOOL

HAHAH okayokay thanks i’ll try that order and if im still depressed by the end of summer im gonna blame it on you xD

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Can you tell us some of your favorite Voltage ships? You can include people you don't talk to often.

*gets out list*
1. chiapeto and Goto
2. alazymoon and hideki
3. labyrinthofleah and Robby
4. littlehevn and Roberto
5. drawthecurtainstarttheplay with Robbie kins (damn I’m whoring him out XD jkjk
6. hikarunohana and Alan

7. fri3dsushi and Saeki
8. justascoolasmegan and Hiro
9. duchessmimrose and Mirai
10. chloekinomi and Ryoichi
11. nhiai93 and Takao
12. thornsandbloodiedroses and Ritsu
13. otomesiren and her harem I mean Soryuu XD
14. otomesass and Tamotsu
15. starishsky and Masaomi
16. letstalklikefangirls and Mamoru
17. voltageotomeruinedmysociallife and Kenshi
18. pixeldusty and Takeshi or Lute
19. hopethething and Kunihiko
20. otomegameslover and Eisuke
21. funnygirlwithakeyboard and Baba
22. omgtsunsama and Subaru (after the day that was dedicated to him XD)
23. yubisensei and Yuta
24. skybluehimawari and Subaru
25. blackcatlady13 and Rein and Haruhito XD

26. @liu-hoshino and Tennoji

This is all I know and support.

(There I tagged all I know xD)