the signs as GOT7 songs
  • Cancer:  'A’
  • Pisces:  Girls Girls Girls
  • Taurus:  Forever Young
  • Libra:   She’s a Monster
  • Aquarius: Gimme
  • Gemini:  Good Tonight
  • Scorpio:  Just Right
  • Capricorn:  Like Oh
  • Aries:  Playground
  • Virgo:  Around The World
  • Sagittarius:  Hello
  • Leo:  I Like You
the signs as entertainment companies/ record labels
  • Cancer: YG Entertainment
  • Pisces: SM Entertainment
  • Taurus: Jellyfish Entertainment
  • Libra:  Amoeba Culture
  • Aquarius: AOMG
  • Gemini: Illionaire Records
  • Scorpio: Big Hit Entertainment
  • Capricorn: Cube Entertainment
  • Aries: JYP Entertainment
  • Virgo: Starship Entertainment
  • Sagittarius: Big Hit Entertainment
  • Leo: Pledis Entertainment
Teeth.:TGR - JB


Jaebum, You


Title: Teeth

Author: TGR

Pairing: JB X OC

Genre: Smut

Rating: M

Summary: You need to be punished for taking his call.

He was angry. He had not said a word on the ride back to the house, but all his movements were a little too jerky, a little too forceful, slamming doors and kicking off his shoes. I tried to minimize my existence so as not to have that anger directed at me, even as a small feeling of annoyance was creeping up my spine. Was it wrong to take that call? How was it might fault that my phone rang?

I sighed, putting my coat in the closet. I was just going to go to bed and hope he was cooled down in the morning. Jaebum was not known for always keeping a cool head. 

Turning to the hallway, I attempted to make my way to the bedroom. I was cut short by a sudden raised voice ringing in the silence.“Ya!”

I shut my eyes and braced for the shit storm that was definitely headed my way. I turned around to face him, prepared to hold my ground against his irrational reaction.

“Why did you have to fucking talk to him?” JB’s face was turning red, eyes squinting in irritation. I let out a deep breath.

“JB, I just answered the phone. I didn’t even know it was him. Why are you even mad at me?”

He went to open to mouth to reply, but I cut him off.“No, stop. You cannot even deny that you are. You haven’t looked at me or talked to me the whole ride home. Everything was going so well tonight that we should be tearing off each other’s clothes and making love right here on the floor. Instead, you are going to sit out here and fume that Jackson, who is my ex-boyfriend for a reason, called me unexpectedly. I’m going to bed since you want to act like I made him dial my number.”

I turned poignantly back towards the hallway determined to avoid him the rest of the night. I cannot believe he is even blaming me, as if Jackson would not have called back a million times. It was better just to answer and tell him I was too busy to talk to him. JB knows full well about Jackson’s compulsive need to understand why he is being ignored. 

With heavy feet and an even heavier heart, I continued my journey to our bed to sleep, alone and cold. I heard footsteps behind me and then suddenly my face was against a wall.“What the-“

JB’s large teeth were introduced to the nape of my neck as he bit down hard. He already had me pressed against the wall, unable to move away, squirming in pain. He pinned my arms on each side of my head


I tried to turn and he pressed down harder, threatening to break skin. “Stop, please!” I whimpered. Relief raced through me as he lifted his head, but a chill ran up my spine when he whispered in my ear.“You. Are. Mine. I’m going to fuck you into this wall and brand all of your body so that he and you remember that. You belong to me.”

He nibbled on my ear, pressing the full length of his body against mine. I could feel his hard organ imprinted against my ass. I was becoming increasingly angry at the thought that he thought he could just handle me like this.

I became even angrier still that my body was responding, ass rubbing back on his thick member, pussy wet. 

Oh, all he had to do was just lift my skirt up and push his way inside me, ease this cruel tension. I wanted the pleasure he could give but didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing I wanted it so bad. I wouldn’t beg for his cock when he was the one in the wrong, but my body didn’t care about my intentions. 

My cunt just wanted the abuse.

JB kissed down my neck, where my treacherous body cocked my head to the side, giving him more access to all the skin into which he could sink his teeth. Halfway down my neck, he suddenly took a large chunk of my flesh and clenched his teeth, grinding into my ass at the same time. It caused me to let out a sharp scream, but the shout didn’t sound afraid or filled with pain. My scream was laced with arousal. “Jaebum! Please stop!”

“Shut up. I heard you talk enough tonight when you wanted to talk to him. You keep running your mouth and I’ll shove my dick down your throat to shut you up.”

He wrapped his hands tightly around my wrists and pulled my arms above my head, continuing to keep them pinned to the wall. With his long, spidery fingers, he firmly held both my wrists in one hand while he used the other to run his fingers up my thigh to my apex. “You’re so wet already, baby. Is it because you are thinking of him or of me?” seductive venom spewing from JB’s mouth. 

He gently caressed my slit through the fabric of my silk panties. The touch was so erotic, I was finding it so very hard to breathe properly. He teased his fingers along the top of the underwear, threatening to place his hand inside and touch flesh to bare flesh. 

Damnit, I wanted him to just touch me already, tweak my bud. I wanted to cum as reward for all this torment. 

He hooked a finger in the side on the underwear and yanked at the fabric with such force, causing the whole side to rip apart. The ruined strips pooled at my feet. “Spread your legs,” JB aggressively whispered in my ear, with absolute certainty that I would do as he told me. 

That was enough. I needed to gain some control over this situation. I couldn’t have predicted that he would be so jealous over a one stupid phone call and I was slipping into his commands. 

"JB, stop this. I think you need to clear your head. You are taking this-" 

A split second to comprehend that the sound I heard was a zipper being lowered and then there was nothing but spiraling thoughts as I was filled with JB’s cock. A strangled scream rushed past my lips.

"Did you scream like that for him?”

He began to fuck me relentlessly, pistoning his dick in and out, reaching deeper with each thrust. He used all his dancer strength to stretch and pulverize my cunt.

“Answer the fucking question. Did you?”

“No!! No!! I didn’t. Please stop!”

He reached his hand around my hip to find my clit, swollen and sensitive. He began a slow, controlled caress that was a sharp contrast to the fast and chaotic movement of his hips.

“You don’t really want me to stop when you’re already so dripping wet. MY pussy loves what I’m doing to it.”

It was true. As scared as I was of Jaebum at this moment, my body was responding to every sensation, every action his body was performing inside mine. I didn’t know how much longer I could stand up, feeling that moment of impending eruption approaching. My head was spinning, fire dancing up my thighs.

“Do you promise you didn’t?”

“I swear, baby! I promise!” Everything came out in raspy tones, throat hoarse from screaming. JB’s assault continued on my canal, dick moving in and out, in and out, inandoutinandoutinandout.

“Then tell me who scream for.”

Arms losing feeling from being held above my head, legs ready to give out, my own juices running down my thighs, fingers still tweaking my nub. I couldn’t think of anything, but all these feelings Jaebum was giving me, so I was not quick enough to answer. JB bit down on my shoulder hard enough that I knew there would be a deep purple mark tomorrow. 

I squirmed again, trying to break his hold while still being pounded into the wall, JB’s thick cock pushing me to my limits. I was so sure he was going to break my skin, but he relented and gave me another chance to answer.

“Say it.”

Sharp intake. “You, baby! You.”

Squeezing my wrists, “Who is this ‘you’? Tell me that you know who is fucking you.”

“Jaebum, you. You are, JB.”

He let out an amused huff. “Then cum for me.”

He pinched my clit hard and a sobbed cry escaped from my throat. It was all so much. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably. I was going to collapse from all the painful pleasure. 

“Cum, my baby.”

He gently left little kisses and nips on the back of my neck. The momentary stings of pain sent me off the deep end and a strong flash of an orgasm flushed through my whole body. I couldn’t even scream from the lack of oxygen, the pleasure so blinding that suddenly I couldn’t breathe. 

JB stopped rocketing his way inside me, taking our arms and wrapping them around me, pulling me to his chest as I continue to ride the wave. My heart was pounding in my ear.

He kept holding me, being my support since my legs were too wobbly to keep me upright, and pressing light kisses up my neck, my ears, my temple. 

“Don’t get to comfortable. I’m not done.”

Shocked, I was swooped up in to JB’s arms and carried the rest of the way down the hall to our bed, where was I was dropped none to softly on the mattress. JB pulled his shirt over his head and stripped himself of his skinny jean and underwear, giving me the full view of his lean muscles and sun kissed skin.

He reached down and unceremoniously yanked my shirt over my head, exposing my breast to his gaze. He unzipped the side of my skirt and rolled it down my legs.

He pushed me back on the bed.

“Why the fuck are you being like-”


He sunk his teeth into my nipple while cupping my other breast in his strong hands, rolling the nipple harshly between his fingers. My hands dug into the bedspread, wincing at the pain. He sucked deep on my title for a few moments, flicking and twirling his tongue around my perky tip. He meticulously did the same to the other side until both were throbbing and taunt. 

Jaebum moved his way down my sides, nibbling on each rib, giving me slightly pink marks, before leaving deeper red marks along my stomach and hips. My skin was polka dotted from all the brands JB was leaving to claim me as his. 

I must have lost my mind. Each one left me wanting to raise my hips up and beg him to give me more of himself. Everything was too sensitive and so tender, but I had been driven into madness, relishing in the pain, loving the feeling of being made into his property. 

I trembled every time he took chunks of my flesh between his teeth, leaving a ridged tattoo in my skin and painting it with reds and purples from resulting bruises. 

And I was angry at myself that he had won. I wanted to plead so he’d give me another twirl on his stiff ride. 

JB shoved my knees apart, leaving me wide open to use. 

He took a moment to admire the work he’d done to me in the hallway . “Such a pretty kitty, do you want more?”

I quickly tipped my head up and down.

He kissed the inside of my thighs, being so gently that it should  have set off small triggers of warning . He kissed my lips below, running his tongue along the parting. A direct tingle ran up my spine as the wet muscle found my bud and spiraled the surface. He moved lower to drink the juices seeping from my opening, tasting me, fucking me with his tongue. 

Drops of sweat were forming on my brow. I entwined my fingers in his satin, black hair, eyes rolling back in my head.

He pulled slightly away. “Did he ever taste you like this?”

“No, baby, never,” I said in a shaky voice. 

Holy shit!

It felt like he split my clitoris in half with how are hard he clenched the budding flesh between his teeth. I panicked, not prepared for the ache now spreading in my center. Hands yanking on his hair to pull him away didn’t budge him.


Unclenching his teeth, “I already told you that you need to tell me who is doing this to you. I don’t know who this baby is.”

He gingerly went back to tonguing my clit, trying to soothe the pain, but only irritating the injured area. 

In a whine verging on tears I replied, “No, JB, he never tasted me like this. No man has, but you.”

He shifted himself up and over me, my hands moving to his broad shoulders. His cat like eyes were slits, pupils dilated. Furious passion was written in his orbs that his both eyes were almost completely black in his rage. 

It was terrifying and yet thrilling. 

After wrapping my legs around his tight waist, he positioned the tip of his dick at my engorged opening. 

“And we are going to keep it that way?”

Not forgetting to address him directly, “Yes, JB. No one else can have me, but you, baby.”

He smirked before ramming his cock back in me. The force pushed me right over the pot. I was boiling over from all the zaps of gratification that were shooting through my limbs, my cum slicking his dick.

He continued his torture on my womanhood, drilling his dick deep inside me without any mercy on my tolerance. 

All I could do was scream his name over and over as I was hit with wave after wave of orgasm, pussy muscles flexing around his girth, trying to bring him to his own climax. My nails digging into his shoulder and back.

He swallowed my last scream with his mouth, massaging his cum-flavored tongue across my teeth and dancing with my tongue. I licked his teeth, so elated with all the things they had done to my body, coated in the taste of my fluids. 

 Jaebum pulled back to look at me, his eyes cloud with ecstasy and no longer full of anger. They were replaced instead with a look of smug satisfaction. 

“Did he ever cum inside you?”

Yes. “No, JB!! Please, cum, baby!!”

He rolled us over so that I was straddling him and sat us up. Fingers shoved in my hair, he brought his lips within a hair’s breadth of mine.

“Good. No one else can live here, but me. This is my home. Do you understand?”

Quivering with anticipation, I nodded my head. 

“Show me that you want just me.”

Keeping us close, lips occasionally brushing and breath mixing, he directed my hips to grind on him. I was greeted with the sounds of his own moaning from all the things I was doing to his body. The noise filled me with elation so I grinded harder, systematically squeezing down on all my muscles to encase him in me. 

JB was just as much mine as I was his. 

He was already dripping in sweat, but new beads began to run down his face and his breathing was coming in short gasps. His hooded eyes stared into mine and revealed just how much control he was losing, almost ready to fall back off the cliff. 

A familiar pressure was growing in me as his moaning became more spastic, a shaking unsteady rasping coming from the back of his throat.

Feeling brave, “Who does this dick belong to?”

He let out a quick and surprised breathless chuckle. “It’s always been yours, ____. Always.”

I knew he was close, so close. He brought our lips together and kissed me with all the passion he had left, forceful and driving home the point. 

Just as I was getting ready to crest, JB bit my bottom lip with enough pressure that my mouth was filled with the taste of copper, my taste buds absorbing the particular flavor of my own blood. 

I shrieked into his mouth as his hips bucked up and his cock convulsed inside me, releasing his scorching seed inside my cove, mingling with my own cum as I reached my peak at the same time. 

He stopped kissing me to rest his head against mine, trying to catch his breath. My eyelids were drooping in exhaustion and my body felt tattered and sore. 

I was so tired that I forgot where I was for a moment, so when I heard my phone ring from the front room, I made the habitual movement to go answer it. 

JB’s teeth dug into my bleeding lip, resulting in me yelping at the shock of sudden pain and bringing me back to awareness. 

“All this and you still need to reach for your phone when you’re  with me? I guess I’m going to have to be much more thorough the second time around,” JB warned as lifted me off his lap and he threw me onto my stomach.

There wasn’t single part of my body that JB hadn’t devoured with his teeth by the time the sun rose.

I had one missed call from my mother.


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BIGBANG after a break up

G-Dragon: he’ll write everything down in a notebook, he’s been carrying with him since his trainee days. All the beautiful/happy moments in his life are written in this notebook….but also sad moments, like this one. He’ll try to move on but everything will remind him of her. He will use this situation to write songs about his true feelings. Nobody will see him for a few weeks since he has locked himself up in his own house. Afraid to go outside and accidentally bump into her on the streets. Afraid to see her happy while he is not. He won’t pick up the phone, he won’t open the door, he will force himself to eat even though he’s not hungry. All he will do is write and write. Papers will be filled with his words. Tears will be rolling down his face. He loved her. 

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T.O.P: As hurt as he is, as broken as his heart is…he will not show it to the world. People will probably think he’s fine, while in reality he is not. He will go to (business) meetings, meet up with friends… but the truth is that he isn’t mentally there. His body has taken control over the whole situation. He moves around but he’s not thinking about what he’s doing. When he arrives at home, all he does is sipping on some wine and stare in front of him. Although he tries really hard not to let the feelings get to him, he can’t help but cry when he lays in his bed. The bed the both of them have shared. It still smells like her. He is starting to realize that it’s really over this time.

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Seungri: He doesn’t really know how to deal with this break up. What went wrong? Was it his fault? What did he do? He can’t stop overthinking. Stubborn as he is, he’ll try to fix something that has been broken for quite some time now. He’s doesn’t want to accept the truth. Their relationship wasn’t going smooth anymore the last couple of months. He will be out on the streets to look for her, convince her that he can do better. But he won’t find her. He is avoiding his own house. He can’t stay there any longer. She has lived there too, and even though she has left, he can still feel her present. If only he could let it go.

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Daesung: The angel that he is, he will try to stay friends with her. It’s killing him to see her again, to talk to her again. He can’t hold her hand anymore, he can’t run through her hair, give her little kisses on her cheeks. Lovers do that but friends don’t…. Every single time his heart breaks a little bit more. But he’s not going to let her know that. He’s torturing himself. He will lie when people ask if he’s fine with being just friends with his ex. He lied to himself before, thinking he could handle this and he will continue lying to himself in the future. The only thing that helps dealing with his feelings is singing. When everybody leaves the studio, he takes this opportunity to sing. He will pretend she is there, sitting right in front of him. He will sing everything he has kept to himself when he’s around her. He didn’t know it’d still hurt being around her.

Taeyang: Taeyang would do everything to forget about her. If friends want to meet up, he’ll be there. If he has to go to a meeting, he’ll be there. He’ll do things he normally never do. He will clean up his house, put every single thing that belongs to her in a box and try his best to move on. During the day he’s busy, but the struggle is real during the night. When everybody is asleep, and there is no one to talk to, he can’t help but thinking about her. From a distance he will stare at the box. His heart will start itching and his eyes will start burning. But he will refuse to cry. Since there is no one around who can keep him busy, he must distract himself. The only way to distract himself is by dancing. A late night ride to the studio will help him clear his mind. Instead of crying and breaking down, he’ll keep himself standing by dancing. The music distracts him from his current situation, but his moves are showing that he’s deeply hurt. When the music stops,  he will eventually break down. Not only is his heart broken, he’s also still thinking about her. ‘cus here is where they danced together. Here is where he met her. The thing he enjoys doing the most is reminding him of her. Dancing didn’t relieve the pain but only made him face the problem. The problem that he still needs her.

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