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Jung Nicole #1 Most Promising New Adult Celebrities in 2012 (in Japan)
There’s a TBS show ~ Rank Kingdom that  publicizes many rankings, among them: Q.  300 hundred woman in Shibuya where asked who are the top 10 most promising new adult celebrities in 2012.        LIST:

1. Nicole (KARA) / 45 votes

6. Atsuka Maeda (AKB48) / 17 votes

source: http://www.tbs.co.jp/rank-oukoku/   / tip-off: ournikori.bs

* Note: New Adult  (referring to those who has turned or will turn 21 in (2012). I’m very pleased that the Japanese are recognising Cole’s potentials :) They must like her sincere/dorky/unassuming personality.. Cole fight-oh!!

TV GUIDE JAPAN’s KPOP Group Mega Ranking Special!

*NOTE: TV GUIDE surveyed 1000 readers and completely dissected the rankings of the currently super popular K-POP groups.



The person you want as a wife?

1. Bom

2. Dara

3. Seungyeon

4. CL

5. Nicole

The person you want as your girlfriend?

1. Jiyoung

2. Nicole

3. Hara

4. Dara

5. Jessica

The person you want as a friend?

1. Nicole

2. Seungri

3. Daesung

4. Yuri

5. Hongki

The dream unit you wish to see?


CR/ Translated by: aNono@YGLadies.com

tip-off: ournikori.bs

I’m glad Nicole is holding her own in Japan… u go girl!!

KARA's spreading Hallyu-style charity ... Great job JKamilias! :D

Kara’s Japanse Concerts Have Sacks of Rice?

It appears that Kara has begun to spread Korean style charity to Japan in the form of rice wreaths! (For celebrations or other events, Koreans give each other large flower wreaths. But, since these are usually disposed of after the event, a new trend has arisen of giving “rice wreaths.” Basically sacks of rice are given which can then be used for charity, or by the recipient.)
According to Kara’s agency DSP Media on April 20, Kara’s Japanese tour “Karasia” which began on April 14 has seen the appearance of rice wreaths. The rice wreaths are gaining the interest of the Japanese media, because it is not common in Japanese concerts.
A representative of the concert stated that it was the first time that fans prepared rice charity for a concert. “Rice wreaths” given out to celebrities, are usually in turn given to charity with the celebrity’s name. 

Source: http://www.soompi.com/news/karas-japanse-concerts-have-sacks-of-rice#soompi