ive always sorta wondered what dave would look like doing that pose in real life

so this happened

dave is a graceful and majestic creature from lands afar. we must protect this delicate mystical being with our lives. let him be free. flutter away young dave strider, flutter off into oblivion


I’ve made awesome LOHAC-wall clock

so recently I was thinking about Dave Strider related watch and made this thing :3

do you like it?

p.s.: just sayin - I’m makin kinda majestic horns(and now clocks) and here is the deal - you can exchange horns(or clocks?) to stuff that I like(horns4stuff, haha)! I think it can be somewhat fun! like when hs-kids sending birthday boxes to each other! (to be specific - I can make almost any homestuck-horns for you, even fantroll)

things I want to get in order of importance:

  • homestuck comic books
  • scott pilgrim ost on vynil record
  • ED64 plus (thing to play roms on n64)
  • memory expansion pack for nintendo 64
  • the legend of zelda:ocarina of time or resident evil 2(only eur version for n64, US versions won’t go on my console)

so if you get interested in it - just send me a message!