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..for the forgotten desert! These arent 100% accurate tho, but i tried. So there are like 2 layouts (is that what its called? loool i dont know anything), and i’d say that the first one is more common when you’re with more than 2 people (i think..) and the 2nd one is more common when you’re alone. Idk that’s what i’ve experienced. So yeha, the green dots are for the green shard, yellow for yellow shards, blue for blue shards and white for the grey/purple/what ever you wanna call it coloured shards. that was the longest sentence i’ve ever written, anyway. And that purple dot is where the first purple shard sitting thing is. you can post this on other websites, just credit me/dont remove the watermark (plz lol). yeeeeee

The boy next door (JK Smut)

Words: 3042

Warning: Smut

A/N: I dunno where this came from

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There they were. The new family in my neighborhood had just moved on to the house across from mine and all the neighbors were talking about it.
“Go get dressed, Y/N. We’re going to meet the new family”. My momma told me.
“Mom, I don’t wanna go. I don’t like meeting new people” I said. “Why do I have to do it? It’s not like im going to be their friend”
She gave me that look “are you going to contest me?” so i went to my bedroom to get dressed. Five minutes later I was ready.
I picked my simple white shirt and my mini skirt. Yeah, this was enough.
“Helloooo! Are you one of our new neighbors?”. A really beautiful woman opened the door and smiled at my mom and I
“Yes. I’m Clarice and this is my daughter Y/N”. My mom said and I smiled back at the woman.
“Oh. I’m Betty. Nice to meet you both” She said. “Come in”.
We entered into the house and walked towards the living room. I looked at the couch and saw a young boy sat down at it. He looked at us.
“Sun, say hi to our new neighbors! This is Y/N and this is Clarice. ” Betty told her sun.
He stood up and walked toward us with a smirk. I did pay attention at his face. Oh my god! He is such a pretty boy. Hm…He looks like a bad boy.
Hi. My name is Jungkook. Nice to meet you, Clarice…Y/N”. His eyes scanned all my body and i saw him bit his lips.
“Let’s meet each other” My momma said and Betty started guiding us to the table.
“Awn, do you want to stay here in the couch?” Jungkook asked me. “I bet you prefer a teenager conversation” he said smirking.
I blushed. Oh my god, his lips…
I nodded hesitating.
We talked about those basic things… Age, school. He is in my school!
I was trying hard not to appearing shy. But god…

“Y/N, we have to go. It’s late” my mom told me. Damn it. I looked at the clock. 10:00 pm.
“It was a pleasure” Betty said.
We left.
I went to sleep.
I dreamed about Jungkook and his lips close to mine that night.

I woke up when the alarm scared me. It was time to school; time to see him.

Oh my god stop it!
“Y/N, why don’t you go to school with Jungkook? He doesn’t have friends here and you can help him to meet some” my mom said
“Mom! I am shy. What will i say all the way to school?” I contested. But i had to admit: I wanted it.
“Betty asked me to talk to you”
“Ok ok. I’ll do it”.
I get dressed as beautifully as i can. Ok, Y/N, Control yourself. I thought

I left home and met him in front of my door. God damn it. His hair was so… sexy
He was wearing really sexy clothes

“H-hello” i said.
“Hello. Let’s go?” He smirked at me. ~YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE WHO IS SHY, NOT ME~
We made our way to school, talking about boring things and stuff.
“Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked.
“N-no… do you have gf?”
The silence grew around us. Could it be more embarrassing?
When we arrived at school, all the eyes were looking at us. It was expected. A new boy joined the school in the middle of the year, he was news. But when i realized the girls were looking at him in a different way… Ok, i couldn’t do anything but deal with it.
He wasn’t shy. He introduced himself to anyone who talked to him - even the girls. My face was turning red and i tried to hide it. He looked at me curiously, trying to read me.
“what?” he asked
“Nothing. Let’s go class, it’s starting” i said rudely.

“Say hi to our new student, class” the teacher told us.
“So, about the homework in pairs i told you guys before, you’ll have till next week to do it. Y/N, as you are his friend, make pair with Jungkook, he can’t be alone.”
He smirked at me and I blushed. Oh My god! Thank you Jesus!
The school time finished fast.
Jungkook and I spent all day talking about his life before he moved on.. more i met him, more i was getting interested.
We made our way back home. “So.. when are we going to do the homework?” he asked.
“Hm… my mom is not at home tonight so we can have space and stuff. Are you free?” i said. The idea of being alone with him made me freak out for a second.
“Yeah. han… Give me your number. ”
I did as he asked.
“See you.”.

I spent all my day cleaning the living room and my room. My mom wasn’t here and jungkook was coming to do homework. I was so nervous.
I prepared some junk food and soda and then… i prepared myself.
It’s just a homework. It’s not like he’s interested in you.
~ Ding don
He was here.

“Hi Y/N” he smirked at me. I immediately blushed over his beautiful looking.
“Hi..Come on in” i said.
I guided him to the living room and told him to sat down on the carpet while I picked the stuff for the homework.
I sat down beside him, putting the stuff in front of us. The proximity between us made me feel warm. His such good smell dominating the air.
“So… what is this about?” he asked
“Huh… we have to talk about the topics the teacher told us.” I answered.
One per one we wrote about those things: “effects the drug has in our life” “dreams and how to get them”… till we ride the next topic: “sex at the adolescence”
I felt my face getting hot, my breath failing. He saw my reaction and laughed.
“Such a good subject,huh? Don’t be shy. It’s normal”. he said
“I don’t know how to talk about it.” I confessed
“What do you mean?” he smirked “are you a virgin?”
“Yes…” i said, blushing harder.
“Oh…i’m sorry.” his expression suddenly changed to surprised.
“it’s ok”
I looked at him, his eyes darkened and he stared my lips, biting his.
“Have you ever kissed a boy before?”
“Yes.” i answered shyly.
“Are you a good kisser?” he asked playfully. Where does he want to go with this conversation?
“I don’t know…I gues-” he cut me off putting his lips on mine. I frozen. Was that really happening?
His hands squeezed my waist, forcing me to lay down on the carpet. He placed himself between my legs and sucked on my lips. I moaned at the kiss, giving him chance to explore my mouth with his tongue. I felt my panties getting wet, but suddenly we heard the principal door opening.
“Darling? where are you?”
Damn it.
“It’s my mom” i told him, voice failing
We immediately stand up, pretending nothing happened.
“Oh, hi Kook! Are you doing homework?” she smiled at us.
“Yes” we answered. I was blushing and I hoped she didn’t realize.
She went to the kitchen and Kook looked at me surprised.
“You said she wouldn’t be here” he whispered.
“She shouldn’t be here… Something must’ve happened” i answered.
We finished our homework, my mind full of memories of what had just happened. What could we’ve done…?

When he left, i immediately went to my bathroom to relax. I took a long shower and laid down on my bed. I just laid, thinking about the kiss.
Some minutes after, maybe hours, i don’t know, my cellphone shook.
My heart stopped. He messaged me.
JK:*I wish we could’ve finished what we started*
How could he be so… “not shy”? What was he trying to do? maybe just use me.
ME: *Hm…me 2" i answered his message
He answered back almost immediately
*Jk: What would you want me to do?*
*Me: We could continue the kiss*
*JK: Hahaha. That’s all? Well, let me tell you what would i like to do to you*
My body was shaking, my heartbeats was so fast that it could stop.
He messaged me again a few seconds later.
*JK: I would kiss your neck, tracing my way down to your shoulder and then taking of your shirt. I would suck and lick your breasts… going down to your stomach. My hands would tease your thighs…*
Fuck! I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know how to answer. All i knew was: i wanted him. I needed him to show me. I could imagine his face while he was writing this dirty talk.
I felt my panties getting wet.
*ME: I would like it, too…“
JK: you’re very shy, little girl. I think you’re gonna be a challenge. Or not? Anyway i always win whatever i want"
*ME: and what you want?*
*JK: Can I be honest?“
*ME: …”
*JK: Now, all I wanna is hear you moaning my name*
My eyes darkened in lust. I wanted him so much.
*ME: So.. what would you do? keep telling me" i answered shyly
*JK: Oh no little guy
I don’t talk, I do.*
And there it was. My head was about to explode!
“Go to sleep little girl. Tomorrow is a new day (:” He said and the conversation ended.
But as he said, i went to sleep.

I woke up thinking about him. About his lips on mine. But it was time to school, i had to get dressed.
I put on my skirt and my shirt and waited for JungKook. When he came, I couldn’t look him in his eyes.
“Have a good day, kids” my mom told us.
“Thank you” Jungkook answered.
We made our way to school and then he placed his hands on my waist.
“So…Y/N. Did you Wake up well?” He asked laughing.
Little bastard.
“have you dreamed about me?”
“No” i said quickly
“No? Oh, i’m sad. I dreamed about you. Well, i was awake but who cares” he said
He dreamed about me? Was he serious?
“w-what did you dreamed about?” i asked shyly.
“I was fucking you” He said
I gasped. How could he… be so… sexy.
“And i pretend to make this dream come true” he added.
I looked at him, my face was completely red. These simple words turning me on. But what was i doing? we were just friends…
And we’d just met each other.
But i was liking it.
“Don’t be shy. I’m sure if you let me do this, you’ll like it. But i won’t do anything till you ask” he said
What did he mean with ask?
“Now, Y/N and Jungkook, how is it going? i mean, your homework?” the teacher asked.
“It’s done, and we had a lot of fun. Right Y/N?” jungkook looked at me smiling.
I blushed. I knew what he was trying to do.
“You’re done? Wow… ok. Come here and talk about what you guys wrote, please”
I didn’t say anything. He did all the part of talking. He was good. I would i could be like this. Fearless.

I was almost sleeping on my chair when the teacher told me: “Y/N, do you wanna go to the restroom to wash your face? Wake up! it’s not time to sleep”
I stand up and left. I washed my face, but when i was backing to the class, i saw him, leaned on the wall. The hall was completely empty. I frozen
“A-are you going to the bathroom?” i asked
He smirked.
“No. We are going to the bathroom” he said, pushing me back to the bathroom.
He locked the door behind him, and looked at me maliciously.
“What are you doing? They’re gonna caught us! We’re having class, the teacher will look for us” I almost screamed.
“Shhhh. If you don’t want to get caught, keep quiet. The class is almost finished.” He said closing the distance between us.
He pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. His hand squeezed my waist and the other squeezed my ass. He lifted my skirt to have better access. I moaned, and he gave me an open-mouthed kiss. I sucked on his lips and he groaned.
“Don’t tease me, baby” he said. His mouth found my neck, licking and biting it.
“You’re so hot. I really want to fuck you right now, but as I said, i won’t do anything else.”
I brushed.
“D-don’t stop. Please” i whimpered.
“Don’t stop what?” He teased
“Keep doing that. Kiss me, take off my clothes”
He kissed me again and then whispered in my ear
“I really want to eat you out, but not here. Is your mom at home tonight?” he asked
“So wait for me. Tonight.”
He gave me a peck and left the bathroom. I looked myself in the mirror.
“That’s it. Tonight. You’re gonna lose your virginity”.

*Come here at 8:pm*
i messaged him.
I couldn’t sleep that afternoon, just thinking about what i was almost doing. Thinking about how that would be.
*Ok baby. Prepare yourself for me* he answered a few moments later.
I had already seen sex movies, read about sex and talked about it with my friends, but do it was completely different. I was nervous. But one thing I knew: I really had to prepare myself.
So i ran to my bathroom. I depilated all the excess hair from my body, my hair was washed, my bedroom was cleaned and I was ready. I needed to be ready.
“Daughter. I’m leaving. Take care of yourself. I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Love ya” My mom screamed at me from the door and left.
I was trying to keep calm but it was almost time. Lose my virginity.
I sat down on the edge of my bed and breathed deeply. I waited for him. A few minutes later, i heard the bell.
It’s time.
Hi” i said shyly
“Hi baby. Won’t you invite me to come in?”
“Yes, sure. Come in. Let’s go to my bedroom” I said while guiding him.
I locked the door and he turned me around to face him. He kissed me deeply. My hands found his neck and my fingers pulled him against me. He groaned and squeezed my ass.
He grabbed the edge of my shirt and took it off with my bra.
I covered myself. I was so nervous.
“Hey, baby girl. Don’t cover yourself. You’re so fucking hot. Don’t you want me to lick your nipples?” he said licking his lips. I blushed harder but felt my pussy getting wet. I nodded. He squeezed my breasts and then sucked me off. I moaned, my nipples getting hard to him. He found his way down to my short and unzipped it. He took it off but not my underwear. I was just in my panties. He looked at my body.
“Y/N, I want to fuck till you forget your name” he said
“Then take me” i answered and he laughed sexily. Did i really say that ?
He kissed me again, lifting me up so my legs wrapped around his waist. I could feel his erection. He pushed me against the bed and started unclothing himself. I looked at his abs and tried not to moan. He caught me staring.
“You wanna touch me, huh?”
He was completely naked, I looked at his incredible cock and gasped.
“Suck me off” he groaned “I’ll guide you”
I started sucking him, his hands wrapped my hair and he moved my head up and down. His cock was hitting my throat, making me gag.
He started moaning my name, and I sucked the tip of his dick, licking the pre-cum.
“Yeah baby…Taste me”
His words were turning me on; He stopped moving my head. “Lay down”
I did as he said and he started leaving kisses from my neck to my clothed womanhood. He took of my panties and placed himself between my thighs. His finger found my clit
“Look how wet you are…oh baby”
He inserted one finger inside me, making me gasp, but suddenly stopped. I whimpered.
“What do you want?” he asked
Please, don’t do it.
“You” I said
“What do you want me to do?”
I frozen. I was so shy i felt my face getting red.
“Sorry but if you don’t talk, i cannot know.”
“Jungkook please…”
“Please what?”
“Fuck me” I almost whispered.
“Huh? What was that? I didn’t hear you”
Little shit! Ok, if he wanted to see me like a slut, he would see.
“Fuck me! Fuck me right now!” i groaned and he laughed.
“As you wish” he said
He placed his dick at the entrance of my pussy and slowly entered me. I moaned.
He gave me time to adjust and then did thrust me harder. The pain was replaced by pleasure and I started moaning his name
“Yes baby, that’s it. Moan my name, let me know how good i am at fucking you” he groaned
Our moans echoed by the room.
“Fours” he said
“Just do it. Trust me” he said
I did as he said and he slapped my cheek ass.
“Damn it, girl” he groaned.
He placed himself behind me and wrapped my hair. He started fucking me again and all i could hear was his skin hitting mine. His pace got erratic, and I felt a strange feeling inside me. I liked it.
“I’m gonna cum, y/n” he moaned
“I think i’m going to cum, too” i said
And then I came. He did after me. My breath was failing. He laid down beside me and smiled.
“So…” he took a deep breath “Did you like it?”
“Yes” i said sincerely.
“When your mom is coming?”
“Tomorrow” i answered and his eyes shined.
“So, I think we have all the night to make my dream come true once more,huh?” he laughed
I looked at him, my eyes full of happiness.
I gave him a peck and smiled at him.
“As you wish, Jungkook”


Anonymous asked: “Yooo jk!! What do you like to do for fun???”

jk: i’m a serious guy!

~ M

ps: excuse my handwriting. i tried to draw on paper and i like it bc of my pens (and paint’s annoying). how did it turn out?

butterflies-and-hurrricanes  asked:

2, 25 and 29!!

2.) Last three youtube videos?

Cuteness, anime/memes, and film analysis. Yep, I believe that sums up the type of videos I watch pretty accurately.

25.) Does anyone hold your heart right now?

Yes, it’s this guy:

Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

(jk Angel u kno it’s u lmao *smooch*)

29.) How long does it take for you to trust someone?

*sigh* I’d say about a month. But it really depends on the person and the situation. I know one friend I had, I trusted them within hours because they helped with a serious financial situation. Another friend took me 3-4 months because it was really hard to gauge their personality. And this is learning to trust friends!

In order to trust someone romantically, I think I would like to be assured that a person understands me. That even though I may occasionally pull away, or become resigned, it’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I need room to grow. <3

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Hey when JK Rowling tweeted its 'the 16th anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts' how is that so? Is the book not only like 7 years old? I dont understand lol help me please!

The Battle of Hogwarts was a conflict that signified the end of the Second Wizarding War. It took place in the early hours of 2 May, 1998

FNaF 4 “Or was it me?” Teaser. “Protect me”

This theory has a lot of speculation. And was made just for fun, to show quite interesting point.

So yeah, today we got new teaser from Scott.

And I want to talk about thing, in this thing’s stomach.

This thing. People are saying that it’s probably “protect me”. I’m not fan of this theory. But, I found it quite interesting.

But, before I came to the thing. Let’s assume that:

-Ghosts being in Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, the ones, from Give Gift, Give Live. were ‘travelling’ between every generation of Fazcrew (except Toys).

-Ghost of kids, which bodies, we see around the location, in S.A.V.E. T.H.E.M. Are possessing Toy Animatronics (including BB.)

-Shadow Bonnie, and Shadow Freddy are ghosts of children, who are mentioned here.

I think that’s all about it. Well, if we take them all (including Golden Freddy and Puppet), together, we get 13 children souls (And Purple Guy’s soul…but, we don’t talk about him now).

But, the thing is, all of the animatronics we seen, were possessed, or were just hallucinations. But, now we got that animatronic with purple bowtie…it seems to be Fredbear, taking as fact the evidences. 

As we know, there was no more murders at Fredbear’s Family Diner (or at least, there’s more, about which we’re yet to know.), than the one in Give Cake to Children, but most likely, spirit of the kid, killed in that minigame, is possessing the Puppet.

So, might it be, Fredbear is the only animatronic, who isn’t possessed by any kind of ghost?

Well, it would support theory about the ‘protect me’. But, before who Fredbear would protect someone, or be protected?

Well, as you remember, certain horror attraction, with certain animatronic, burned down.

But, as we know, Springtrap is still there. Probably in bad condition, but still. Also, there was that whole auction thing. So, might old owners of Fredbear’s, bought Springtrap, to revive the legend of their restaurant?

Well, I betcha you wonder, from where I took this idea.

You all gonna be disappointed, let me tell you!

Because, this:

Yes, because, some people were saying this 

looks like Purple Guy’s face, from rare screens in FNaF 3.

Seems legit for me


So yeah…hype?

So, I think that’s all. Thanks for taking your time to read this theory!

#why I wasted several hours of my life to write it holy shit

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