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Err... I know this may sound very ignorant of me... And you'd probs just tell me to check out previous posts... But what's this Cipher Hunt..? I'm not really american and I don't have acces to the nest often, so I'm not always in with the news...

that’s okay! Cipher Hunt is, basically, an international scavenger hunt/weird performance art piece by Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch. sorry to point you to previous posts, but read this post if you can! if you scroll through my blog starting here, and going through to the most recent posts (keep hitting ‘previous page’), you can follow along as i’ve pretty much liveblogged news-reporter style on the hunt since it began. i’ve done my best to try to explain things as they’ve happened so that people can go back and catch up, but if anything’s unclear, let me know! ∆

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You're really cool and stuff *throws confetti at you*

ur pretty cool too, anon

anonymous: What are your thoughts on the whole Sans is Ness theory?

I’m not really sure? I mean, it seems entirely plausible, but then i see toby being embarrassed about the mention of the Halloween hack

and it kinda makes me think “nah, sans probably isn’t connected in that way”.

but, other than that, i love the theory.

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I'm doing an Undertale AU comic-sort of like Overtale/species-swap but not exactly- and one of Frisk and Chara's parents is basically just boss monster Chatch cause I couldn't think of anything else, I hope that's okay...

Yeah, that’s perfectly fine!

I’d love to see it, if you wanted to share it with me~! I’m always looking for new comics to read


Tonight’s being the BEST NIGHT of the year w my babies/friends 💃👄🎤🎶🎸 this is my fav band (they are catalan) currently. And they give me John Mayer vibes (HEAVY continuum vibes if i’m exact). Like I had to stop recording because I was nearly in tears (aka having an emotional crisis). Omg my emotions. Love, a former John Mayer fangirl/dedicated fan 💋