Summary- Thinking you’d never be able to get up again after Bucky goes back under a certain star spangled man makes his way into your heart ,and for once in a long time you find happiness

A/n- Actually really proud of this one, Message me if you think a part two should be a thing (tbh I’ll probably still write it Friday sounds good right) 

Warnings- slight angst, mentions of blood, references if you know what I mean, Smol Steve is smol, not edited 

Words: 1,250 

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The first time you saw him he tried to kill you, in his defense you also tried to subdue him. James Buchanan Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier. It wasn’t the fairytale meeting you had in mind but after months of dating you wouldn’t change it for the world. Bucky never let himself forget but you had told him countless times you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

You missed him with everything you had. When he left you had nothing, you were nothing, sure you had the team but they can’t fill the void your ex-lover had left. Well until a certain star spangled man started to wiggle his way into your heart. It had been a year since Bucky had gone back into the ice and you weren’t any closer to get whatever they put in his head out. 

After a year Steve convinced you to go on a date, with him of course. Fast forward 6 months and you were officially dating. You were celebrating your two year anniversary tonight and you couldn’t be more excited. Steve and you had been through a lot with your relationship mostly consisting with you and your insecurities. It took you so long to say yes because you were scared of Bucky, a small part of you felt like you had betrayed him and it still did, even though he specifically told you not to wait for him. 

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ghostboy!jungkook au, whereas jk died a long time ago due to suicide but he can make himself look human but only appearable to the ppl he wants, & jimin meets him 1day & they become friends, & 1 day, he tells his friends about him and they're like 'that myth about a boy named jungkook? rlly jimin u too?'' and jimin Is confused cos he think jk real and they say 'It said that jk Is still here Is because In order to move on he needs to b loved by someone cos he never had that' and take the wheel

oMFG can you imagine the progression tho like jimin realizing that kook is looking for someone to love, how conflicted jimin would be because on the one hand, he kinda really liks kook but on the other hand, hes thinking that kook might just be latching onto whoever is closest because he’s drivien by this /need/ to be loved so jimin’s like dOES HE REALLY LIKE ME OR –  

but then there’s the fact that kook is obviously a ghost like jimin asks him one day and kook just kind of smiles and says ‘wouldn’t you like to know’ but jimin knows him well enough by then to know what that means and /god/ jimin thinks he’s perfect and funny and why did he have to be /dead/ but kook keeps on appearing out of nowhere, reminding jimin to eat breakfast or lounging around in his bedroom at night, chatting with jimin about his day and when jimin asks why, kook just answers 'that’s what friends do right? we’re friends.’

and jimin thinks about it and fuck it, yeah they’re friends, so he smiles and nods and kind of sort of wishes they were something more but he can’t bring himself to cross that line in his mind. so he just lies back down and hums and kook hums with him and their voices sound so good together and jimin thinks that kook has been a better friend so far than most people could ever have and somehow, kook seems to know that, because he just laughs as jimin is thinking this and settles on the edge of jimin’s bed, reaching out a hand to pull at his bangs

and jimin thinks he can almost feel jungkook’s fingers against his skin, /almost/ almost, and he closes his eyes and falls asleep and the next day, he wakes up feeling like he’s dreamt a very strange dream only to find his favorite tea mug waiting on the table for him, the tea already made and steaming, pressed over a tissue paper that has the faint words written in what looks like tea stains – thanks for being my friend. love, jk.