2 to 1?

I’ve had a few asks about the bracelet/hair tie thing.

I’ve got a black hair tie on my wrist right now, does that mean i’m in camren too? (jk, i wish)

Seriously though, I don’t really understand this. Is it a hair tie? Is it a bracelet? Who knows.

All I know is Lauren auditioned with 2 bands on her wrist, clearly visible below:

Then suddenly… 2 goes to 1 and 1 ends up on Camila:🤷🏻

If it’s no big secret, why is Lauren sneakily removing it during performances/interviews, yet she’s always caught wearing it off camera or backstage?

never real…ever… 

yeah right☕

After Will and Horace become friends
  • Will: What happened to you??
  • Horace: I joined the army