what the signs want for christmas
  • Aries: newt scamander
  • Taurus: newt scamander
  • Gemini: newt scamander
  • Cancer: newt scamander
  • Leo: newt scamander
  • Virgo: newt scamander
  • Libra: newt scamander
  • Scorpio: newt scamander
  • Sagittarius: newt scamander
  • Capricorn: newt scamander
  • Aquarius: newt scamander
  • Pisces: newt scamander
  • jk rowling: draco malfoy? the sixteen year old who was corrupted by his parents twisted views from the moment he was born? what an evil shit luring idiot girls into his dastardly clutches with his devastating good looks he is worse than voldemort probably
  • jk rowling: severus snape? the 30 year old stalker who was unceasingly cruel to children for no reason? my dear child who i love more than life? yes he is a brave prince truly and i should have named the books after him instead of harry

favourite bts era for @hergolyne​​ 
run era

I wish Jo had tried to write the Slytherins a redemption arc in the later books. House unity and a (somewhat) end to the bigotry Voldemort was spreading would have been a great ending. Draco was all set up for one too- he refused to say it was Harry in Malfoy Manor. Jo could’ve had him help the trio in Hogwarts at the end. Forgiveness is a theme of the series, why isn’t it given to the Slytherins?