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oh sehun x studio ghibli // spring boy ❃
생일축하해 세훈아~ 라고 다정하게 부를줄 알았지? 아냐 넌 착각했어 착각했다구!! 난 네가 싫거든 오세훈. 생긴거부터 네가 하는 짓, 네 이름까지 다 맘에 안들어, 최악이라구. 너 볼때마다 얄미워 죽을셈이다 이 수니가. 그니까 나이만 먹지말고 철도 좀 들어라 알았지? 그러니까 내말이, 형들 그만 놀리고, 인상도 피고 다녀 이 오덜트야; 근데 내가 대체 왜 이딴걸 만들고, 왜 이 편지를 쓰고있는거지. 내 봄방학은 또 어디갔지. 다 너 때문이야. 책임져 오세훈.

아무튼 생축. (예헷)

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ENLISTED - Fridays at 9PM on FOX

Enlisted is a comedy about three brothers, each soldiers in the U.S. Army, who find themselves stationed at the same rear detachment post in Florida. Despite what FOX marketing may lead you to believe, this is not just a show about three white dudes getting up to hijinks while wearing camo. There are female friendships! POC characters who aren’t tokens! Cute sibling relationships! And , yes, also camo-clad hijinks! Enlisted is both hilarious and adorably heart-warming.The only bad thing about this show is its time slot, which I choose to blame entirely for the fact that you haven’t watched it yet! Never fear, I’ve gathered links for all the episodes here! I’ve also tried my best to rearrange the episodes into production order to eliminate annoying continuity errors (Did I mention that FOX has been a real bag of dicks about airing these in an order that makes sense? Well, they have and it sucks.) Enjoy!

1. “Pilot” [watch]
2. “Rear D Day” [watch]
3. “Pete’s Airstream” [allmyvideos] [vidbull]
4. “Parade Duty” [watch]
5. “Brothers and Sister” [watch]
6. “Randy Get Your Gun” [watch]
7. “Vets” [allmyvideos] [vidbull]
8. “Homecoming” [allmyvideos] [vidbull]
9. “Paint Cart 5000 vs The Mondo Spider” [allmyvideos] [fox.com] *NEW*

[I will update this post as future episodes air. I tried to use only firedrive (the artist formerly known as putlocker) links, but couldn’t find them for every episode. If any of these links breaks or if you find a firedrive link for the episodes I couldn’t, let me know!]
[Edit: all of these episodes can also be streamed on the Fox website and, while I’m not sure they actually keep track of those hits the way they do DVR viewings, it’s another option]


GIFs, JIFs, Whip Pans, Trivia, and BATMAN!


In which Hank answers real questions from real nerdfighters….with the help of some friends, most of whom are him. But also, Henry from Minute Physics makes an extremely brief cameo:http://www.youtube.com/minutephysics


american horror story asylum - preller au

brian zeller, an ambitious journalist looking for a story that will make his name, is committed to the asylum of the sadistic serial killer “bloody face” after he attempts to expose baltimore’s darkest secrets. once admitted, he forms a bond with the killer himself, jimmy price, and finds out there might be another side to the story

a Hak fanmix {listen} / tracklist (w/ lyrics) under the cut

warning: this mix follows the events of the manga

“When you protect someone you want to keep safe, do you always weigh your own life against theirs?”

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chanyeol asked if he whitened his skin since he's been looking pale lately. (ps this was on a radio show and the challenge was to make him smile but kai's smile was so pained and sehun was pissed off)

im gonna fight chanyeol he was my bias but im gonna fight him i cant 

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Oh yeah, I totally understand why he's cutting off YGS, otherwise he'll be known as the dude who makes fun of the internet's grammar for the rest of his life and YIAY is so much fun (partially because I now get to see him almost everyday) and YGS 100 is gonna be epic I watched one of his live chats, he was talking about all the youtubers he's going to get collab with him on it, he's going like all out.

YIAY is amazeballs and YGS 100 is gonna be good, yo!