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hello there!! i will gladly come in and talk to you haha :) well how's life? (just because this is an ask doesn't mean i'll be any less awkward) all i can think about is how recently i've been having monsta x bias problems xDD you know how my bias was minhyuk right? and kihyun just totally wrecks me, but suddenly wonho comes in and fucks me up!!! i'm now considering triple biasing in monsta x tbh, or biasing all of them because why not right? (i'm so unloyal lol)

ayee Kaila!! ur not awkward at all dont worry girl!! and man you got it hard… I bias Kihyun and it took me like 6 months to have a solid bias…

Okay so we have Minhyuk:

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and we also have Minhyuk:

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Then you have Kihyun:

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And you have Kihyun:

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then this fucker, Shin Hoseok:

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then Shin fucking Hoseok:

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“Forget your ex, have meaningless sex. It rhymes because it’s true.”

NINE NINE!!! | @amongthcwreck 

“Well if it rhymes, it must be true.” A gentle laugh came from Clarke’s 
lips before she looked off, gaze and mind distracted for a moment. A 
second passed before she looked up again, smile forced to her face. 
You’re right though,” She nodded, straightening up, “That asshole 
doesn’t deserve the satisfaction of getting to me. Fuck him!” Another 
laugh fell from her lips and she quickly shook her head, “Or rather– 
fuck someone else.”