• JK Rowling:Draco's just a bad egg, idk. There's just no Chevy's corn cake hidden in that tuna casserole, really.
  • JK Rowling:Here I took the effort of DROWNING Draco's character in symbolism (wand core, birth name, astrological sign), had him save Harry's life when it heavily affected the outcome of the war, and put in a bunch of hints as to why he's acting out.
  • JK Rowling:But, like. Seriously guys. Draco sucks. No redemption arc for him. He doesn't deserve it.

60. The muggleborn ravenclaws introduce their pureblood dorm mates to Minecraft. They instantly fall in love with creative mode and make it a house project to create a full scale replica of the Hogwarts grounds

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When Bucky Barnes first met Steve Rogers on the playgrounds of Brooklyn,
little did he know that he was forging a bond that would take him to the battlefields
of Europe and b e y o n d

Some Ron Weasley thoughts

I think i know one of the reasons some people dismiss Ron Weasley’s importance: We tend to romanticize others in the need to improve ourselves or fantisize we’re someone else; whether they are the “bad” (Draco) or “nice” (Harry) guys. But there’s nothing to romanticize about Ron’s genuineness; he’s a real boy, he’s a real person, and anyhow a real hero and there are many things about us we see in him even though some of them are just ordinary. We’d rather feel identified with the rare unusual abilities.The wrong thing to do is to invalidate his skills just because they seem regular (so as ours). Personally i’ve not only seen Ron as a mirror of my own flaws and insecurities, unlike, i’ve feel like he has slowly taken me to a place where I am not just proud of my biggest moments but my little steps. He proves its okay not to fit and stand up to yourself as well as it does being quiet and unnoticed sometimes. People can be smart in their own ways, we are allowed to make mistakes and act in order to impulsiveness once in a while and still deserve to be happy, and that’s alright because what’s in the heart is what really matters; that our actions are true to ourselves and somehow lead us to whatever the goodness inside of us wants.

I really love Ronald Weasley because thanks to him i’ve been able to give myself the value i deserve even through banalities, the smallest actions can become the greatest contributions .

OK OK but I just had he best idea of my life and I can’t do anything about it, so astronauts, please read and take note:

If you’re in space, with zero gravity and all, you know what you can do?




You can literally fly on broomsticks and people can throw the Quaffle between them and someone can have the job of throwing the Snitch around really fast so the Seekers have trouble catching it and the Beaters are obviously in charge of the Bludgers and I just — space Quidditch! Please, someone at the International Space Station, please, please, please set this up!