Seriously the worst thing for an exo stan is when you’re listening to their songs and one of your nonkpop family members/friends ask what the song’s about. Like there’s no way to make it sound cool and not corny af and it’s really awkward

“oh they’re singing about how the world and all it’s ppl are shit and they’re asking their moms why it’s like this and if it can get better”

“oh they’re singing about how they’re wolves and how they kinda wanna lowkey kill this girl”

“oh they’re singing about how they’re infatuated with this girl so they’re growling at other guys to scare them away”

“oh they’re singing about how they’re so in love with this girl and how much this girl is so in love with them and they’re just overdosing over all of the love”

Call Me, Baby?
“oh…. it’s pretty self-explanatory”

Love Me Right?
“oh they’re singing about how they’re traveling through space with the person they love and that that person better love them right basically”

Sirius is very good at spouting bits of excellent personal philosophy, but he does not always live up to them. For instance, he says in “Goblet of Fire” that if you want to know what a man is really like, ‘look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.’ But Sirius loathes Kreacher, the house-elf he has inherited, and treats him with nothing but contempt. Similarly, Sirius claims that nobody is wholly good or wholly evil, and yet the way he acts towards Snape suggests that he cannot conceive of any latent good qualities there.
—  J.K. Rowling

This is my first milestone ever so there isn’t much…also, I don’t have everyone so don’t loose you horseshoes. dimensions-of-roosevelt-v ask-skitzfrantic ask-usa-pony ask-gan pinkamena-the-serial-liker ayasha-the-pony ask-ss-twilight-sparkle ask-nova-blitz moondreamthedreampony Pink hair girl starlight-sparkle askjohnnylightem ilovekimpossiblealot askbananapie ribbons-and-stars ask-guyra

comicpanel-pony the-element-of-game moon-wolfie askpenpointandfriends melisma-jk And my two characters in the second and third apace.😄

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”…first thoughts?

  • I’ll be FIRST in line for tickets!
  • Sounds great, but I can’t make it to London
  • What kind of title is this?
  • Ummmm…what? Is this a new book?
  • No…not for me at all!

okay, this is Jo Rowling’s new twitter header in the biggest version i could find (full size) !!

like with her previous twitter headers, we have a lot of various notes from different projects, accompanied by personal objects - look, those JKR letters are BOOKS! this is so cool.

it seems to be:

  • a page from the Fantastic Beasts script (under the R)
  • a draft of the first sorting head song (under the K, see on the side “if you’ve a ready mind [something something] Are Ravenclaw’s”)
  • printed information on prosthetic limbs (upper right corner), likely for the Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike novels, as this character has a prosthetic leg
  • under that, I couldn’t tell but Leaky figured it out: “Next to the “R” in the upper right hand corner, appears to be a draft of J.K. Rowling’s acceptance speech from when she was awarded the very first Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award. Compare the transcript here.”

i might try to decipher her handwriting further, as best i can… but meanwhile here’s leaky’s and hypable’s great posts on this important matter :)