I will use the writings of JK rowling to get me through the racism, the xenophobia, and other bullshit that has spiked in the past election. Especially her describing what kind of losers most of the deatheaters actually are, and how they needed the rhetoric of being pureblood to keep their egos together from falling apart. And I hope to be like Hermione who was smarter and better than them, and kill their rhetoric with my accomplishments.

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Will you link us to the whole fic when you post it? I am so involved in this already I can't even, I want to write fanfiction about the fanfiction that I haven't read yet asdfghjkl just Jimin? Slayed? Me? With? That? Look? I'm suddenly into bad boys help

if i ever come around to it, i’ll post the whole thing lol

(bad boy jimin is like,,,, my fave thing)